xG3 pain and swelling after several months

I had my xG3 installed in the knife edge of my left hand in August, and while it got put in pretty deep I haven’t had any problems with it. Up until today. About 10 hours ago a slight pain started around the implant location and it has persisted all night. My hand started to show some discoloration and swell up almost instantly. What’s going on here? I didn’t expose it to any strong magnetic fields or anything of that nature. Should I get it removed?

Can you feel if the capsule has moved from its initial position when you installed it?

Did the pain come after you slept? might be that you rolled on your hand on a bad angle and ended up pinching under your skin.

Yes, the implant moved and I can see this because it is directly over the injection scar. It started several hours after I slept, it was fine most of the day. Normally I can’t see it but it is quite visible with the swelling. Still hurts and is swelling 13 hours later. I’m a night shift worker and I haven’t gone to bed yet.


Immediately get it removed. Any time there is swelling or pain, you should immediately get it removed. Please contact your doctor to have it removed asap.

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