xG3 Self-Implantation and Graduation

Today was a wild ride, both graduated from High-school officially, and did a self installation of my xG3 Biomagnet right afterwards. I had confidence in doing this myself, after having done my xNT by myself. Though, I knew this was still quite a bit bigger but expected the process to be the same. I Implanted it right in the knife’s edge of my hand. The pain was tolerable and quite what I expected. Though I will admit there was a lot of bleeding, got some on my shirt and on the padding.

An image of my hand, so far. Can’t really get a good picture due to swelling, I’ll probably reply later with better pictures.


Congratulations on the Graduation part!!
Nice self implantation v2.0 :wink:


Congrats! Any plans after HS?

Ayy, Thanks!

Personally, just going to go to community college to get general studies done before I feel comfortable with what I want to go for, and transfer too a four year college.