Xg3 V2 - Whats the status

Got another magnet of any kind? If so see if it wants to stick to the side of the needle or the tip.

I have the xg3 in my Finger and another xg3 v1 still in pqckaging. I can feel a difference between the propably New one and the “old” one

But im not 100% sure about it

I will try taking a stronger magnet and feel the Polarisation


Im able to Stick the Magnet with both poles on the “old” xg3 with some distance

On the new one i can just get one Pole to stick to the packaging


(Poles turned 180°)

Propably xg3v2:

Its not possible to arrange them like on the v1

Can you 180° your magnets?
it should repel… :magnet:

Just be aware that the potential for creating microholes in the sterilization pouch paper by doing this is… elevated… basically anything you do that creates pressure on or manipulation of that thin porous paper can introduce contaminates. Of course, not likely that this is anything serious, just your friendly pedantic vendor of injectable products here to remind you about the safety concerns around such products :slight_smile:

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Are you putting that on your next batch of business cards? :slightly_smiling_face:


oh also we will be updating the silver product label to say v2 :slight_smile:

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also the new lot number for xG3 is 2101001


I did it. 3 min ago.

Still under shock


Hope you’re fine and everything is going well :wink:


Good job with the video, liked the 2 angles.

Damn that was hard to watch though, looked incredibly painful.

Did you use any kind of numbing?


I injected some lido - wasnt numb - i should have waited longer and inject more - but i noticed when the needle was already in.

They loose sharpness so easy and that would be less clean so i continued

Was numb enaugh i guess.

Was painful though

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Thanks for sharing,
I liked that through the whole video was murmurings of German… then at 6:17
A good ol’ english “Fuck!”





You can kind of see it through the skin
Thanks to all here!
I was able to Improve the installation procedure, because of all the nice tipps and the nice suggestions from you <3

Its really awesome to get nice feedback, with what i could improve and so on
and people here don’t get crazy mad because i don’t do it like a Professional

I have to say it again - Propably the Self installation is not the right way for most of you, there are many risks etc. but for me its fthe best option.

I can only learn and improve when i get constructive critic and tipps

*edit: Can somebody merge this post to the install vid&pic thread?

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KSEC now has the xG3 V2 in stock + a sale on the V1 !

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Looking good :+1:

Im quite happy how it turned out.

The installation angle was awkward and the nipper were pinching the skin quite hard so it was deformed a lot - the position is exactly where i wanted to have it! <3

i was not really expecting it to work so nicely


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