Xg3 v2 x Aerial Circus, best placement tips?

Already bought my xg3 v2, but I am a pole dancer and circus artist (aerial hoop, aerial silks, etc).
Already readed it’s too big for finger and Titan would be better, but I wasn’t sure about finger anyway cause it would struggle a lot while I spin on pole.

I am thinking about knife (but much more to top of the hand instead of side), top of hand (on the middle) or between thumb and first finger (but further back on the hand, not on the thin skin. Do yall think the experience is the same on all those places considering healing, not ejecting, etc or one of them is safer?

I already have silicone implants on my thumbs, and I gotta say I struggled for some months until getting used to them on my practices, sometimes they still hurt on specific moves but nothing to worry, I’m just afraid I can make things worst with the magnetics if I choose the wrong place :woozy_face:


X-series implants all seem to heal pretty close to the same everywhere(at least in my experience, everyone’s body is different). You’re going to want to keep your weight off it for at least 3 or 4 days after implantation. They seal up really fast though and I doubt you’ll have issues after it has healed. Positioning is harder to tell you without knowing what you want the magnet for. Are you looking for lifting or sensing? If you want sensing it probably would do best in the knife edge or in P0 according to what I’ve read. If you’re looking for lifting than your main goal should be to get as little skin between the implant and the outside world.

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Sensing would be cool, but the main focus is lifting. I’m heavy into body modifications and want to have a new “weird” thing on my body to scare and shock people.
P0, top of hand and knife seems to be same amount of skin, no? Considering I can’t go on a knife to the side as I use it A LOT to spin on pole, so would need to be done more to the top of the hand.

Yeah as long as you’re not implanting close or onto a joint where everything moves a lot then the experience is pretty much the same. A day or two for the needle hole to close and a couple weeks for encapsulation to begin properly.

You probably know better than anyone which places are being squished when doing your activities. You can eliminate most options based on that. If you choose one and still have doubt there’s no better way to knon than to test. Super glue something xG3 sized on the location and go about your day. It will make you very aware of all the potential issues. I use a piece of toothpick.

I think a safe spot is between two metacarpals as it sinks down in between them and it’s shielded from pressure and impact. Plus it’s a cool and useful spot.


Wow the idea to glue something is amazing, how I haven’t thought about it? I’ll try and do all my weekly practices shortly to check if they will or not squish each of the places.

Those veins between the two metacarpals can’t be a problem tho? Because beside them, the idea is great also. And wouldn’t the implant try to spin in any way down between them and cause any problems or pain, or is this safe?

A lot of people have xG3s in that spot. However, I’d always talk to a piercer or doctor if you’re worried about something like that. It’s really hard to give good advice on safety without actually having your hand in front of me.

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It’s important to tent the skin well when injecting. Other than that they don’t really matter.

Many people have chips there including me and I haven’t heard of any spinning or pain. It’s pretty well nestled in there.


I have an xG3 there as well. Like Az mentioned, tenting the skin before the needle goes in is important!
Mine sits next to a vein and can roll around on top of it with no discomfort at all. I can make it roll over the ligament for my middle finger as well by flexing which has become a new fidget for me when I’m bored lol


Now I’m curious, can you show this on a video? :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, thinking about my tree trainings this is probably the best place to keep it safe. How about using it to lift, can hold things easy like I see on the knife in many videos?

Sorry, index finger not middle ligament. My hand is a little numb from leaning on a chair in a waiting room for a while, but usually I can make the xG3 kind of pop upwards when the ligament slides under it. Kind of fun lol

I like the ridges along the thumbs by the way!

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That’s funny haha I’d spend all my day doing this in between playing with my silicone on thumbs. I like how it looks just like a vein there, very “natural”. Really excited to try now!

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