xLED capsule use

I purchased the xEM tag and it came with another capsule and I’m not quite sure what the purpose/use of it is.

Did you buy the bundle?
It’s probably an xLED

Yeah, that’s what it is and I’ve read the information on the website. However I’m not sure how it is used. I don’t know if I missed some info or just didn’t understand it. Thank you for any and all information you can provide.

The wireless connection between your chip and the reader relies upon a good coupling of the two antennas (the one inside of the chip and the one inside of the reader), this coupling or quality of connection can vary depending on orientation in any of the three dimensions, the LED capsule is to allow you to test or visually see how good the coupling will be with the chip and your different readers in a variety of different orientations.

Different readers have different antenna arrays, so therefore have different abilities or sweet-spots as to where they couple / read well, the LED capsule helps you to identify where that sweet-spot may be for the particular reader/device. I hope that helps.

Check my video out…


Nice demo!

es pot rotar el xip una vegada implantat? no he tingut manera de comprovar mentre estaba a l’agulla, esperare dema per sapiguer si esta mirant amunt o avall el led, per cert, una mica bestia l’agulla comparada amb la del next :joy: :joy: em feu suar.

The post you linked to is for a field detector ( a non implantable diagnostic tool, this is NOT safe install inside your body)

The red circle says
“No implanteu això”

There is a range that you can install

These ones are safe to install.

To answer your question

That really depends on your axis of reference.
But rotation is quite difficult; if not “impossible”.
Ideally when the implant exits the needle, it SHOULD come out with LED first, but this cannot be guaranteed (the factory did not do as they were instructed)
If it comes out and the LED is facing down /inward, it will make minimal difference to the amount of light it emits, also even if you were able to spin it to face up/ outward, there is nothing stopping it from moving again until it is encapsulated.
If you instal it and the angle is not really what you want, and sometimes your body may do this for you to a small degree, there is a limited amount you can do in this situation.
You would be best to plan out the exact location you want before installing.

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