xLED first "read"

Don’t exactly know where to post this but… I got my xLED to light up for the first time! Seriously ecstatic about it and very pleased :smiley: It’s really an amazing feeling getting it to light up for the first time.


Hey, :bulb: awesome, :bulb: Congrats :bulb: I am excited for you :bulb: I bet now, you will neverlookback :wink:

Hf/lf and colour?

hf and it’s white

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nice pun hahah, definitely won’t be looking back though!

pics pics pics!
:camera_flash: :raised_back_of_hand: :rotating_light:

Is there a way to post pics from mobile? I have some pictures on my phone of it glowing.

I’ve never said this to another man, but… Can I see it?

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Lmao… here’s a picture of it ! image|230x500

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Watching the demo video, the brightness varied depending on the reader distance. Do phones have less power meaning it won’t light up as bright? If so, any brightness difference from an android phone vs iphone? Just curious.

For the most part phones can output enough power to achieve max brightness, but the range required to do so is much less than other readers. LEDs max out at a certain output and then just start to burn, so be careful dumping too much power in.

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i have a lf xled can i make it light up from my iphone?

You already know now, from the other thread, Thought I better answer for those that come after.

Phones\ use\ HF\ so\ an\ LF\ xLED\ will\ not\ light\ up\ with\ a\ phone\

yup i know this now :frowning: