xLED survives 300W


I don’t want that to happen with my Apex.
But good to know the blinky will survive :wink:

Here is the other post with a bit of background info

I don’t want to dip my fly in your ointment here, but this demonstrates one of two things:

  • The xLED is exceptionally robust
  • The xLED couples poorly

I’ll be generous and assume the former :slight_smile:

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hah i was also surprised… but then i had to wonder if it was a 125khz LF xLED / xFD and that is why reason #2 might actually be accurate here.

Oh shit I forgot. I need to send Spyfoxls those supplies.

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I tested the 125khz xLED too but it wouldn’t even light on this setup since we used a clean sine wave without harmonics and 13,56MHz is way to high for it


@amal did you first see this in Iceman’s tweet?

i did!

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Lol that is great. Full circle. Started here. I showed Chris and the others in the PM3 server, he tweeted it, now back to here :rofl:


What would you assume the average lifespan of the xLED implantable and field detectors?

depends on what you’re doing… are you leaving it on a reader 24x7x365? if so then probably like 3… years? or maybe 5-7 years? ish? it’ll just get dimmer over time… LEDs don’t often burn out they just fade away :slight_smile:

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Neil Young or Kurt Cobain reference?

My guess is Kurt Cobain, with the Seattle grunge scene being at its peak in your formative teenage years…

Or am I reading too much into your statement?


All references are valid… I prefer highlander

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