xM1 Chip and keyless entry rental cars

Earlier this year I’ve decided to finally go ahead and get myself some sort of chip. After a little bit of thinking I found the ‘perfect’ case.
A type of short rental car that you simply reserve over the internet and then open by holding a key card to the reader behind the windscreen.
Fast forward some research, I foudn out the xM1 was discontinued.
Now, since there’s the new run of the improved version of it I got myself one of those and gave it a proper test.

Cloning turned out to only be troublesome by my phone being unable to read the chip even remotely reliably. Or any other NFC chip including the key card.
Got myself a UBS scanner and finally cloned it.

Went ahead and tested it properly after that, and… I can no confidently say that the chip, like I kinda expected cannot be read by the Car.
I’ve got the Car to read the Chip one single time, hitting some magic Angel that I’ve never got right again.

Eventually decided to move the chip into a different location that has thinner skin. Tested it again yesterday and still nothing.

So. The chip works, just not in a way that is of any use with the situation I intended it for.
Figured the scanner in there would be quite good since it can read through the windscreen and a couple non nfc card inside my wallet to reach the key card for it. But nope.

Was it still worth it? Yes.
I learned new things and even got everyone at work stumped after someone said “One day we will have chips that can open doors implanted in our bodies” and I was able to just show the chip under my skin.

Alternatively I should be able to get myself a NFC card for public transport here that can be used to buy certain train tickets that need it for identification.

For anyone interested about the car rental mentioned. There you go Mobility

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My apartment door doesn’t scan glass chips very well either, so I’ll be holding out for a flexM1 since it should have ~10x better range. I think they’re supposed to be released pretty soon here, but I have no idea how soon.

@amal was also talking about having both gen1 & gen2 versions of the magic card. The gen2 would be writable with an Android, but it’s susceptible to being bricked. The gen1 is the same one that’s currently available and would need to be used with a USB reader/writer.

Any progress updates on the flexM1?

Yeah. Kinda waiting for the flex one myself now.

Working out details with antenna factory. They are slow, but I think we’re close.

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Were you able to test with an X Field Detector (non-implantable xLED)?

Yes. It did work with both the Glass and the Card field detector.

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If the xfd worked with the reader in the car then perhaps there is some other issue at play…

Oh, it does work. It’s just a range issue I say.
You see, the cars have the scanner right there https://i2.wp.com/www.mietwagen-news.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/mobility-schweiz-freefloating.jpg?resize=424%2C283&ssl=1
Which makes it basically impossible to place most implants in a way that you can actually get them against the right spot from the inside.

I managed it once when I REALLY tried.
Outside of it is most likely just the windshield that’s the problem

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gotcha… yeah… that sucks