Xm1 Consistency

So I recently had a Xm1 chip installed in my right hand right in between my thumb and first finger to unlock my door. When I first cloned my room key onto it with my proxmark rdv4, the chip worked perfectly fine, but after a few hours it just stopped opining my door with any consistency. I re-cloned my room card onto the chip and it worked perfectly fine again. Now for the third time, a few days later this time, my chip is no longer opining my door with any consistency. Maybe once every 15 tries.

Do you guys have any ideas on why this is happening? Any advice would be much appreciated:)

How recently?

My initial thoughts

initial install, initial trauma, but little swelling or fluid build up, so reads should be good.

Then as the swelling and fluid appear, the read range /consistency will like likely diminish.

When you are fully healed, I would expect you would be back to your initial results… or better.

Think of it like a bell curve.

What I am really saying is, give it some time and it should come right mate :+1:


Thank you for your reply!

That’s what I was thinking at first but it’s been about a week at this point. After it stopped working, I re programmed it with my proxmark again and it works flawlessly again. Is it possible the information some how degrades all the time?

Probably still too soon to worry.

Just by doing “stuff” you could be causing slight changes in swelling etc.

It does seem strange, but TIME should be your friend my friend. :alarm_clock: :+1:

Let us know how it goes in another week or so

As a sort of control test, you could try and orientate your PM3 similarly to how your door lock is position. Ensure that how you are placing/reading your hand on the door is the same as how you are reading it with the PM3 for this test.

If you get consistent reads with the PM3 in a similar orientation with similar coupling from the xM1, then it may be the door’s antenna is weaker or you need to fine tune your coupling with the door.
Else, you need to work on coupling some more and/or your implant is still healing so give it time.

This is just a quick test from the little info I have so dont take the results as written in stone.

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I don’t think so. From my understanding it will just fail, kinda like an on off switch.

I very well could be wrong.

I would also add, to use the keychain led to find the best place to put the chip on the door also.