xM1 flex. vs xMagic

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back after a while.
Qq, I‘ve a xM1 v1 flex at home. As I saw there is the xMagic available now which has the xEM as well.

What is the better choice?
I mean, the flex has the better read range. The xEM I have in my NExT as well.

Any good reasons for the xEM? I read a lot of bricked Implants.

I appreciate your support guys.

Hey so pretty much it goes like so
flex = better range because of the bigger antenna
x = smaller form factor injectable glass capsule
m1 flex is just the Mifare “Classic” S50 1k
xMagic is Mifare “Classic” S50 1k on the hf and t5577 on the lf(same as the one you have in the NeXT) in an injectable glass capsule

I have both NeXT and xMagic. pro is that you can have two t5577 but it really depends on your needs. Therefore better choice is what suits you best.

What bricked implants ? Can you elaborate on that. Thanks!

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I have read from xEM which bricked.
for what you use the xEM?

Buy all the chips you can afford, then some you can’t, and stuff them ALL in your BODAY!!


access control to systems that use em4100s

Less emotional but more useful answer: Do you use the em you already have?
Are there access systems that you may want to use in the future that run on a different protocol?
As you know the strength of the em is its ability to emulate many protocols but its weakness is that it can only do one at a time so the best reason for getting two is that you need to be equipped with more than one protocol at a time.
However, if you are underusing the em already and don’t foresee needing more than one protocol I would install the flex - a chip that you don’t need to fuss into position to get a good read. That’s where the pro’s live.

That said, I don’t have a flex (just flex envy) and the advice you’ve had so far has come from relative noobs. I would put more store by what some of the more experienced chipsters have to say: Pilgrimsmaster, and anyone beginning with “A” or “E” will probably give you better insight.


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I think you said it very well.

Do you mean a FlexM1 ?
and by V1 do you mean gen1a?

I have a FlexM1gen2 and an xMagic.
I really like both, as explained above, the Flex has better range than xSeries, so it will depend on what you want to use it for.

The T5577 chip is awesome, if you find any LF RFID locks etc. It will almost certainly be compatiable.

They are great for projects, low security locks and things like the xAC V2


Yeah sorry for the wrong description.

Thanks for the explanation. I think at the moment the FlexM1 gen1a is fine for me. On the other hand it’s difficult to place another glass :wink:

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