xM1 Implant broken?

Hey Guys, about 3 years Ago I got my xM1 Implant into my hand. For the last 2 years I used the implant nearly every day to access my home or the server room at home. A year ago I moved out into another country into an Apartment. And for about half a year, I had no use for the implant.

But when I tried to use it, it didn’t work anymore. Last time I used the Implant to open a door, and since then, I didn’t program it. As far as I know, I didn’t get exposed to any EM Fields. I also don’t feel something strange, like if the implant is broken. No swelling. Nothing. The implant just stopped working.

I tried the ACR122 Reader on my table, I tried the PM3, I tried my Pixel6 and my Dell Notebook has also a build in RFID Reader. Nothing!

I also tried to take the PM3 with the tune mode. When there is nothing, I get about 61V. When I put my hand onto the reader, the voltage drops to 56-57V. So there is some coupling. I tried to put the Chip perpendicular onto the antenna of the PM3, at least I get no reading, when I ran hf search.

What can I also try?