XM1 install position

Have recently ordered the XM1 implant and am wondering where people have installed these with best results. The most common place seems to be between the thumb and index metacarpals as there is the most room here, but this might be a bit awkward for accessing the door readers i am going to be using it with.

has anyone installed between the 4th and 5th metacarpals on the back of the hand ? not sure if the 3mm chip will be too big to go here …

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That’s probably gonna depend on the size of your hand.

FWIW in our right hand we’ve got a xM1+ in the usual spot between thumb & forefinger, then we got an xEM between 1st & 2nd metacarpals, and then a xNT between the 4th & 5th. Our hand’s about average size I guess?

Another option might be the ‘blade’ edge of the hand? I think the xM1 is the same size as the xG3 and we have one of those in the blade of our left hand.


@sgtreckless what she said…

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Not yet. We still have to install our xLED, and there’s an xGLO on the way now too… :wink:

Also we may have mis-identified the metacarpals, but its:
xM1+ between thumb & forefinger; xEM between forefinger & middle finger, xNT between ring finger & pinky.


How was doing between pointer and middle finger? Did you have any trouble with the implant floating around any or any trouble with that not being a particularly meaty spot?

I’m debating that as a spot for my xGLO since it seems like nice thin skin that will let as much light through as possible.

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@Dean I think it’s really down to individual physiology. Eg. our right hand, there was space in there and the implant is one of the most perfect installs we have. :slight_smile:

It never moved or wandered from where we put it. You can sort of see it, and when moving our fingers or whatever, you can see it wiggle a bit, but it doesn’t wander.

However, the same spot on our left hand, there’s no space for an implant. There’s veins and the tendon is sort of right in the way.

I think the best thing would be to just really study your hands and see how the parts move under the skin. Move your fingers around, try different hand positions, and just make sure you’re not going to hit anything, make sure the implant isn’t going to be pressing against anything.

Good luck! :slight_smile: