xM1 “magic” 1k vs flexM1 “Magic” 1k

Should be. What do you mean by hole key card?

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I think he means that if he needs to implant a credit card size implant to get it to work he’ll just about do it. :laughing:


I asked because I was concerned that he needed to insert his NFC card into a slot in the elevator. Cuz I don’t think his hand would fit in :slight_smile: I’m only half-joking: I met someone once who wanted me to demonstrate cloning his hotel key card into one of my implants and opening his door, not thinking for one minute that the card had to be inserted into a slot. Duh…

Sweet jesus I hadnt thought oif that, and those do exist. I ve actually seen a few.

are you referring to idiots?
Yeah, I have also…they are everywhere :wink:


Just had 2 flexm1 implanted in my left and right hands. How long do you think before the door lock will be able to pick it up (detect it)? I think it wont detect if for now because of swelling due to anesthesia.

Has anyone had any luck registering their flexies immediately after installation?

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Will depend on the specific lock, but a good chance it will work straight away and likely improve over time as you heal.
better to keep your healing hand away from dirty door locks.

Yep, hence my comment above.

Keep us updated asto the I stall position and how you are finding it for use and day to day life