xM1+ not responding


I finally received my proxmark3 and was hoping I would finally be able to read my xM1+, but I’m not getting any response. I know the read range isn’t great on these chips, but I tried for over an hour with different positions and orientations without luck. I was aware of the issue with some chips being gen2, but I had hoped I would at least be able to use it. I’m unable to read this chip with any of my readers either. Is the chip dead or is there something else I can try before I have to have this chip removed already?


Can you post a photo of your HF antenna? I can mark it up with the ideal location and orientation to place your xM1+ (and any x-series tag)



If you can’t get a read using this alignment, then your xM1+ contains a bad chip… part of the reason we are refunding all orders and not doing exchanges yet.


I’m having a similar problem. Recently received my pM3 and am able to read other tags but not my implanted xm1+. Somehow, it doesnt appear to be completely dead: some readers (i.e. doors, or printers with rfid readers) give a feedback when i approach my hand…
any ideas what may be going on?


Same here, can only read the chip from one reader and not thoose that I want it to read from!