xM1 Plus - use for gym access?


iam still looking for a good way to get rid of my bulky gym member card.

Any experiences? Especially in cloning a Mifare Classic card to the xM1 Plus to replace an member card? Looking for people who were able to get it working in any german gym chain (aka McFit).

I know people with a similar tag(different manufacturer), that get there card cloned, but the reader in the gym is not able to pick tit off, due to limited strength of signal. Maybe the XM1 has a better performance due to its bigger size!?




Is there a chance, the xM1 Plus will be available again soon? Are there some left, that could be used for testing?

Another question: You are demoing the differences of size, when it comes to readability (http://amal.net/?p=272). The former “Plus” had a bigger form factor. So is that just for the different chip type, or has it also a bigger antenna coil?

I tested a small glas implant (2mm) in the gym facility and the wall readers where not able to pick it up.

So the last chance to get it up and running seems to be the xM1 Plus.


Hi @henkb

We are sorting through the existing inventory of xM1+ chips to find “good” ones… then we will re-process them and make the remaining inventory available, but this is a slow manual process to eject them from needles, test, and re-test, etc.

The xM1+ is 3mm because of the silicon die size inside the glass, but yes we made a point to make the diameter of the antenna larger as well since it will improve performance for the notoriously bad energy efficiency of the older Mifare products… the Chinese chips that are doing the Mifare emulation are also equally terrible in this capacity, so the larger antenna size is a benefit.

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Hey Amal,

thanks for the information and the effort making the xM1+ available again… So I will keep an eye on the xM1+ restocking and hope I can order it soon for further testing.

Now iam waiting for the xLED to examine the reader more detailed.

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