xM1 Proxmark ATQA:00 Anticollision Error

nothing really… I would see if iceman wants to take a stab at it… maybe send back to me first then I will clean and sterilize it, then i can send it to him (if he wants to look at it)

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Discovered this at a client of ours. I proxmarked one of their access tags, accidentally t5577 wiped it and the wipe actually stuck. Made for a crap evening for the guy using it to get in later that day.

Rewrote it the next day and am now forbidden from having client access cards.

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haha oh man this happened to me with someone working for the gubmint… they had an access fob and it was T5577 and it got fucked accidentally… i wrote my implant ID to it hahah.

the real shit thing is, people are horrendously stupid. in your case and mine, the biiiigg kerfuffle is over the tag getting messed up, not in the fact the entire system is insecure and completely fragile… oh no… don’t be alarmed over the condition of your crap “security” system… let’s shoot the messenger, kinda.


maybe send back to me first

Not too sure how possible the removal process is going to be since my installer isn’t comfortable doing it.
Ive got a feeling my doctor is going to say that its not doing any harm or causing issues thus removal isn’t needed. Will still contact them anyway, just in case.

then i can send it to him [Iceman](if he[Iceman] wants to look at it)

Let me know of his decision and please make him aware of my appreciation for helping.

I have also used the orange floaty button and submitted the form.

Thankfully, I had the id saved from the console log, so rewriting it wasn’t hard.

Discovered this back in my pre-DT days, actually.

As I understand it, there’s a knockoff of the S50 chip known as a Fm11rf08. It’s known to be used in the Ukraine in their actual train passes, but has a really crap RNG and is identifiable that way. I believe, but can’t be sure, that the companies making magic s50’s (which is the term I used to get them) are using a variant of that chip as iirc they share the RNG vulnerability with it. Not sure who makes it, but know they’re doing it in big quantities (one manufacturer wanted me to buy 12,000).

Ah, the RNG vuln is they replay NACK with probability 1 instead of 1/256. Info came from the Darkside paper.

Fudan makes this… a Chinese company. I’ve spoken to them about making “legit” magic chips before. They are considering it… but it’s not something they want to attempt right now… don’t want to rock the boat.

Jirvin I have tried everything you have been told in both threads. I am in the same boat nothing seems to be bringing this chip back.