xM1 Use as gym key

Just want to review a little about my first implant for those who still have some doubts about the usefulness of this type of enhancements.

My goal with the xM1 was to substitute the NFC wristband for the gym I go to since years ago.
The Mifare 1Kb is quite vulnerable (since its used in low security access management where duplicacy wont affect the integrity of the access system)
So with some easy to find tools I was able to clone the wristband, finding the keys of two sectors for diferent uses, first into some cards as try, and then to my implant.
(I´ve showed to the gym crew, they loved it, so everything is legal an honest, but i think they just don´t understand how i have done it…)

Before technical details here are the results about the capabilities.
(after a week since installation, still learning best position for reading)

The gym uses NFC for various things:

-Garage Access, most of the time it doesn’t read the implant, sometimes it takes 10 trys, sometimes it reads at first try.

-Gym Access A, nothing… the 13.56Mhz LED card lights up next to the sensor at some points. But I havent got it to work. I thinks it just does nothave enough power, the plastic plate over the antena might be too thick or the shape of the antenna gives low gainance to the implant helicoidal antenna.

-Gym Access B, also nothing…, all the cards and chips I´ve clone work, but it doesn’t lights the card or the X field detector so i dont understand yet whats going on. Maybe it gives some “detect” impulses periodically and if it dosen´t finds anything it just dont activate full reading.

-Locker, ouh yeah. I screamed firt time it worked.

Not in all lockers, I think it’s because the battery level in each one. Takes some trys, but I’m finding the best position for doing it on first try

-Locker number identifier. There is too a nfc machine next to the entrance where you can check which locker you have lock with the wristband. Lights the card, reads all the cloned cards and chips but nothing with the implant.

The idea was to fully replace with the implant the need of the nfc bracalet, sometimes I forget it at home or in diferent backpacks…
Anyways it´s still preaty cool and neat closing and opening the locker so i can exersice or swim with with anything on the wrist (although it was not that anoying at all…) or the garage with just my hand.

I still need the bracalet to acces ( but now i have a ton of cloned cards so I just keep one in the car, another at the office…)

Disclaimer Technical details:

The access control is telematic controlled using the UID associated with a gym member. Even cloning the UID the access won’t open twice the same member before it has got out since user access state is keeped on a local database(probably).
So there is no benefit in two diferent persons using diferent cards with same UID. And although the 4byte UID doesn´t ofer much posibles combinations and there might be like 300-3000 allowed UIDs in a gym, there is very little chance to find one.
Anyways Its muuuuuch easier to jump over the access control turnstiles/lathes than finding a way to cheat on the system…

It takes quite a long time 5-15 mins to find the keys and read a Mifare Classic 1kb, need a steady position with out moving. So there is very litle thread of bad intentions cloning to try to open someones locker.
(lockers are freely use, you lock one with the band and after opening its is ready to be used by someone else)
The nfc lock probably keeps the UID of the actual user, so is not enough to change the locker number stored in the sector 1.
Also, once my locker went out of batery and wont open, so a crew member opened making prying with a screwdriver and a hard fast movement with low noticable harm to the locker…

Technical conclusions:

The xM1 emulates perfectly the mifare 1kb classic.

The ACR122U USB reader works like charm reading writing the implant, I can also do it with mfc tools in my android phone.
The RC552 for arduino doesn’t work tath good… im going to try the PN532, an easy search shows me it probably have the double of range.

Right now I’m messing up with antena extenders to try to find a eficient solution for low power/range/force readers.

Chip installation was made by a local pircing tatto especialist I really trust and who was really comprensible with my solicitude.
A year ago he installed me two microdermals, (it acually hurted less the implant than the microdermal) in a experiment of mine to try making my own designs based on the idea of the north sense from cyborgnest. But skin attached eletronics is not enough developed yet to be “confortable” although is quite interesting and full of capabilities.

Im still waiting for the implant to really selter, healing process is really going well and its less tedious than other pircings. The implant is really confortable.
Looks like the trick is to find the best position of your hand and before the sensors to work.

Seems that there is a lot more to come.

Expecial thanks to Amal and Dangerous Things for their great work and aftersale service.