Xmagic design critique

So in thinking about which placement to have the xmagic installed. I had one thought, in the UK, most mifare readers will be fixed to the door which opens inwards towards the left, therefore the reader and handle are on the right hand of the door (facing from outside) which you would use your left hand to scan and push the handle. Lf readers tend to be in corporate buildings and have a tendency to be fixed to the wall on the right hand side, thus typically you would scan with your right hand and open the door with your left. So it makes sense for the xm+ and xem to be in separate placements. This is just based on my observations of using the card versions in day to day life.

Or… just hear me out… two xMagic?




as someone running with this mentality you can never have enough implants for the same place


I’m a big fan of 90° offsets, can squeeze a lot in that way

Knife edge
Back of hand
Thumb webbing when making a fist

Back of wrist isn’t technically 90°offset from back of hand, but it’s far enough away

So that’s 4 useable locations, x 2 hands

8 implants, and if each is dual frequency, that’s 16 tags

You can get an xEM and an xM1 and those have been available for a while as separate chips. (Ok, the xM1 is out of stock) In fact, this is what I intended to get in R0 before the xMagic was released.

However, for the $29 price difference, I’d rather get the xMagic over the xM1. I love the idea of dual chip implants even if you don’t have an immediate plan for one of two chips. Mainly because you are bound to find a use for a spare T5577, or a spare Mifare, or NTAG.

Maybe you should get an xMagic in your left hand and a NExT in your right one? You get a mifare compatible chip, an NFC chip that’s compatible with most phones, and two T5577 chips. This should provide some of room for future projects for the price of two stabs!


Don’t tease me like that. I may get over excited and drop my credit card.

Can relate…


Wahey, i managed to learn to quote successfully for the first time.

Yes, an xmagic in L0 and next in R0 wpuld be a nice combination. I have four xnts (2 in each hand). So back of hand is the only option but i could use one for personal and the other hand for work.

My 2 cents…

I would do xmagics in P4 locations so you can use the edge of a fist on door readers,

And next in P0 locations so you can scan it with phones