xMagic implant fails to read on certain readers

Hi all, I got my xMagic chip installed a few weeks ago, and stuff has been going pretty alright for the most part in terms of healing (outside of one kinda bad bump in the wrong direction that left my hand sore). I’ve gotten my building’s key cloned onto it at the moment (mifare 1k classic), and it seems to work well… On exactly one door in the place (reader B in the video). Notably not a door that, say, could let me into the building. Everything else, from the battery-powered reader attached to my door’s lock, to the one that lets me into the building, and anything in between simply will not read (see reader A).

I’m fairly certain this isn’t a magic card exclusive issue, as I have one of the hybrid (T5577+Magic 1k) chip cards with the exact same data cloned onto it, and they work fine everywhere.

What can I do to make this work better, and what other troubleshooting options can I try?

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How long ago did you implant? I notice the bandaid. It can take 2 or 3 weeks to properly heal and the swelling to go down.

Also try slowly moving your hand across the whole reader from top to bottom and left to right to see if that works. Most of the time it’s a matter of finding the sweet spot. That can be different even on the same model readers.

I have found outside mounted readers are often hard to get working on the x series implants. Not sure why, but I am guessing there is a build up of dust and stuff which acts as an insulator. I usually pry the cover off on the one at my building just to get a better read.

Battery powered locks are very difficult. I haven’t been able to get any to read mine.

I just did a double check, it’s been about 3 weeks, I’m mostly being overly cautious about it than anything.

I can go do a triple check on some of the other readers and see if I can get a better read on the sides, though I think my chances might be a bit low. Plus I might get a few weird stares if I try and pry a reader off the wall. :sweat_smile:

A lot just have a cover plate which can be pulled off with your fingers. At least the ones I use do. To be honest I reckon most people wouldn’t even notice if you took it off and left it off. But yes, it may cause your employer to ask you a few questions… :wink: