xMagic - iso14443-3 anticollision issue

Hi All,

I’m a bit of a RFID rookie. I came across an issue today and I think I managed to fix it.
I thought I would share about the situation.

I have a NExT in my left hand, and about 2 months ago had a xMagic installed in my right hand.
The larger xMagic hasn’t migrated near as much as the NExT. It is a little more superficial and noticeable (given the larger size in comparison).

I never have had any issues reading or writing to the xMagic using my Proxmark3.
As expected, you need to make skin contact with Mifare readers and orientate the chip to best suit the reader, but it always read the chip.

Yesterday, I found my xMagic could not be read by a Mifare reader. No response at all.

Today I used my Proxmark3 and issued the ‘hf search’ command. Resulting in:

Searching for ISO14443-A tag…
[=] Card doesn’t support standard iso14443-3 anticollision
[+] ATQA: 00 00

[+] Valid ISO 14443-A tag found

Previously it would always find a Mifare Classic Gen1a.

I used ‘hf tune’ and found the optimal position to orientate my xMagic / hand on my Proxmark3.
I repeated ‘hf search’ and had the same response. Tested using a known working Mifare card and it read without an issue.

Had my xMagic become corrupted? I held my breath and issued a ‘hf mf cwipe’ cmd.
All sectors were wiped (defaulted) and I could confirm default keys by checking ‘hf mf autopwn’.

I was able to cload a card to the xMagic. Looks good, but I have not checked it to be working on a Mifare reader as yet.

I hadn’t written to the xMagic between when it was working and when it ?failed?

What could have caused this anticollision issue? Is it something I have done? Something a reader may have done, or is it a sign that the xMagic could have a fault?

I look forward to any feedback.

Hf 14a reader -@

To continuously print 14a tag info. Use that to gauge a good consistent read spot for your implant.