xMagic writing with Proxmark but not reading on door access

Hey everyone.

I recently purchased an xMagic 13.56/125 chip from KSEC (I’m based in the UK) with the intention of cloning my building’s key fob so I could come and go without having to carry the fob with me.

I set up the Proxmark3 as per the instruction video on its product page. Using the ‘hf mf autopwn’ command I was able to copy my fob, and using the ‘hf mf cload -f (filename).bin’ command I was able to copy the dump onto one of the 1K Magic Genia cards that came with the Proxmark and this was able to unlock the door no problem.

Carefully removing the xMagic from its syringe and wrapping it in a medical grade alcohol wipe, I was seemingly able to copy the .bin file on to the implant, however when testing this on the door access panel it seemed to have no effect, no matter what angle or distance I tried from the reader panel.

Running the ‘hf search’ and ‘hf 14a info’ commands on both xMagic and Genia card seemed to give the exact same results (same UID, ATQA, SAK…), with both listing an “auth error”, although like I said, the card works fine.

Please does anyone have a suggestion of what I might be doing wrong or what the problem could be? Let me know if there’s any extra info it would be helpful for me to provide.

It sounds like a coupling problem. Have you had a chance to use the included keychain field detectors with the reader in question? They should show you the best location and orientation to present the xMagic to the reader with.

Errm, I don’t think my order came with a keychain field detector. Was it supposed to?

DT do as far as a I know but Ksec dont tend to include them nowadays. But reach out to Kai from ksec (he’s on this forum but i cant remember his handle) and he should be able to sort one out for you.

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Check the video on the xfd product page for an explanation :slight_smile:

You were so close



I exchanged a few emails with Kai earlier today (it was his suggestion to make this post). Following its mention here, I emailed him again and asked about the field detector but he hasn’t got back to me yet. Although it is a Sunday evening tbf.

What readers are you trying to get the chip to work with?

Hmm, this is the second person reporting having an xMagic but no xFD, do the implants not come with the keychains anymore?

Our kits have not changed, but our distributors are free to package the products however they see fit and currently distributors choose to sell the products individually. Personally I feel that these accessories are not accessories but critical tools, which is why we don’t sell implants without these additional tools. Customers have asked us to purchase implants without these accessories before, but we refuse because it doesn’t lower the price by any significant amount to exclude them and I would rather customers have more tools than they need than no tools at all because they wanted to save five bucks.


It depends on the implant kit, we state on the product page which ones do and don’t.

Historically we have done however recently we’ve had several conversations with customers/partners and the wider team and the keychains are very useful for the first implant, however customers tend to have 2+ so any future ones end up being left unused.

We do include them within bundles and also KSEC cyberlink (custom cyborg builder) either for free or 50% off: https://cyborg.ksecsolutions.com/product/custom-cyborg-builder-v2/ .

We’re reviewing the implant bundles, included items and purchase options for implant in parallel to our upcoming cyborg center revamp. Once we’ve got our current project out of the way (More details soon!), implants are one of the core products we’re looking to expand and provide further customisation on.


Okay then.

So I’ve now also tested the chip on a couple of other door sensors in the building (internal to bin cupboard etc., different make of sensor but activated with the same fob), still absolutely no reaction whatsoever.

I feel like it would be sunk cost fallacy to give another £20 to KSEC to prove that the thing I already bought from them doesn’t work. By email he has stated that I can’t return it because the packaging has been opened (although you can’t test the chips without removing them from the metal syringe).

Is there any recourse through DT’s lifetime warranty, or should I just accept that I paid KSEC £150 for a piece of junk and move on with my life?

(Image of the chip, on the off chance that there’s something visually obviously wrong with it that can aid diagnosis)

The case may be that the reader isn’t able to couple with the chip even though the chip works perfectly fine. I have 3 different style readers at my apartment complex and I can only use my xMagic for one reader. The other two aren’t able to couple with the implant.


Our goal is happy cyborgs. The lifetime warranty protects against defects or failure of the product, but considering the following;

The product is working, however it seems the product may not be suitable for the application you wish to use it for. Our warranty covers defects, and remedies that by sending a replacement.

I think your best bet at this point is to get a keychain and really test for the best location and angle to present your xMagic to the reader with. We are asking here on this forum that KSEC to ship you an HF keychain for free, and we will credit them two HF keychains on their next restock. What do you think @KaiCastledine ?

Once you receive the keychain, it should be easier to determine if this is a positioning issue or just that the reader itself is not powerful enough to read the small xMagic.

If you would like to continue troubleshooting while you wait, please send a video of you attempting to read the xMagic at the reader so we can make better suggestions on readability and positioning.


Absolutely fine with me! We’re all on the same page here.