xNT biomedical implant which android app really works?

I received xNT implant but without instructions. Which Android app can I use to read my credit card and then write it to the xNT system? Thank you

It is not currently possible to copy credit cards this way, to any implant that I’m aware of, and specifically not the xNT, sorry

For information on payment implants, this would be a good place to start:

If you’d like to know more about what your xNT can do, there are many threads available, and/or those of us on the forum would almost certainly be happy to answer your questions


I answered the questionnaire but what do I need it for? Why am I receiving answers out of context?

“sorry” ? i spend 100 euro for a “sorry”… :lying_face: it’s a scam site ?

I had to understand it myself, if you don’t accept PayPal, how can I, as a consumer, protect my purchase? I requested a refund…let’s see how they solve the problem, especially given the exaggerated shipping cost of 40 dollars

Hey @libars it seems when purchasing you may have skipped over this section on the xNT page.

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 2.12.45 AM

What you have is a great RFID chip that does have other uses though.

However, reaching out on the forums here will help get insight by other people who have purchased Chip implants from DangerousThings like myself. However if you want to reach out to someone from DangerousThings directly you can wait for a reply on this thread from @amal or click the yellow support button on the website and submit a ticket and Amal will be in contact with you directly.


No, not at all, All the information is there, you either missed it or misunderstood it.

You give far too much Credit to PayPal, THEY are the theives.

I fucken hate PayPal also and avoid them wherever possible

I personally don’t think you are entitled to one, I think you may have buyers regret on something that you didn’t fully research or understand.
DT would have lost money on shipping to you, and you should be the one to pay for any return postage.
Speaking of which

That’s has NOTHING to do with DangerousThings, that lays with the Freight / postage companies taking advantage of a global pandemic to line their pockets

As offered above, if you would like a hand getting the most out of your xNT, the people here on this forum can help you out


you will find ^ this opinion of yours greatly unpopular here.

you failed to conduct your own research about what you were buying and what it can do. as other comments have said it’s been stated multiple times across the site what that chip can and cannot do along with the tens of threads discussing payment.


I think it’s generally recommended to do some basic research before spending 100 euros on anything, really, let alone something that’s intended to be implanted into your body. You’re lucky that you figured out that it isn’t what you were looking for before you implanted it.

Regarding refunds, it says on the website that the buyer takes on the cost of the return postage in order to be refunded, unfortunately.

As hamspiced mentioned, you’ll mostly encounter people in this forum who have purchased implants, so while we can assure you that it isn’t a scam, we can’t actually do much else to help outside of direct you to file a support ticket on the website.


Just to clarify, I don’t work for DT, I don’t have any ability to offer you more than a sorry and some advice. I’m just some dude on a forum like you.

That is to say, my response shouldn’t negatively reflect on DT’s customer service practices, which from my own (And many others on the forum’s) experiences are completely amazing

I hope you resolve your issue in some form of acceptable way, or find a use for the xNT that is beneficial for you

Good luck


Well they do say sorry is the hardest word to say, so I think you got a good deal. A pretty awesome implant for eur100 and a free undeserving apology. I think you came out on top personally.