xNT Installation

Hello. I have just ordered an xNT tag and plan to implant it in one of my hands. There are no professionals in my area for me to go to, and so I do plan on doing this myself. I know it is unadvised, however this is probably the route I am going for, as it is the best option for my situation.
As such, I would like to know if there is any instruction that can be given to me on the best way to implant this into my own hand, in terms of keeping the skin pinched (with a clothespin?), positioning of the needle, etc. If anybody has performed the procedure on themself, or seen others do it, I would appreciate any advice.

A second question, is as to which hand I should implant the device in. Does it matter if it is my dominant hand or not? Would this affect performance of my hand? I have been wondering about this, and would like to know your thoughts.

Hi @TimJC,

We don’t offer any instruction for self-installation because that would expose us to liability. There are youtube videos of people installing our product themselves which anyone can find with a simple search.

It does not matter which hand you install it into. Once healed (24 hours - 2 weeks), you won’t even notice it. I prefer to tell people to put it into the hand you reach for the door with.

Thank you for your reply Amal.
I definitely understand about liability, so please allow me to try a different approach. If I were to ask about the procedure, from an educational standpoint, would you be able to give me a reasonable rundown of it? I am curious about how the device is actually injected in to the skin. I have read that the injector must push the needle in, and then pull it out so that the tip is almost out of the skin again before actually starting to inject the device from the needle. This seems strange to me. What is the purpose of the back-and-forth motion of the needle before even beginning to inject?

The purpose of inserting the needle and retracting it slightly is to make a pocket under the skin. The transponder exits the end of the needle completely, meaning the full length of the transponder (12mm) extends out past the tip of the needle during deployment. If you insert the needle and do not retract, then when you depress the plunger to eject the transponder, it will have to make it’s own way under the skin, which could result in a sideways or misaligned placement. The ideal placement is parallel to the index finger metacarpal bone. It’s not necessary to retract the needle to the point it’s almost coming out of the incision site, just 10mm or so would be enough.

Ah, that makes sense. Thank you for the explanation.