xNT is pretty magnetic!

Check this out! Pretty neat huh!

Is that supposed to be?
@amal will I hurt anything by doing this?

The core is ferrite, so it’s normal.

Will this cause any induced voltage into the chips?
I know normally playing with magnets and coiled wire can do things… would hate to brick a chip screwing around

It will be fine

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No induced voltage - none that matters anyway, unless you mount the magnet on a Dremel and spin it at full pelt in front of the implant. Only moving or alternating magnetic fields induce a current in a conductor.

You might break the implant if the coil inside it, or the core inside the coil, aren’t properly secured (lack of filler resin for instance, or hollow implant from a DT competitor) and your neodymium magnet is strong enough to rip the leads, or solder joints or something. Remember: whatever pulling force you feel ultimately is born by the core alone. That force has to transmit itself to your body through the coil and the glass… It’s unlikely you’ll damage something though, but the possibility exists.

Noted don’t fuck around with magnets

Every time I watch that vid the shear terror in the “oh shit” :rofl:


Coercivity to the rescue!

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