xNT NFC - NZ Visa payWave Compatibility

Hiya Everyone!
I’m looking to get two xNT NFC chips implanted in the webbing in both of my hands, and I have a question. Am I able to put my debit card NFC tag/key (sorry I don’t know the terminology) on the implant? I saw a video that business insider did, but that was with Venmo if my memory servers correctly, which is something we don’t have in my country, New Zealand. The two cards that I’m wanting to put on my implant are my,
-BNZ Flexi Visa Debit
-ANZ Visa Debit
BNZ is a subsidiary of NAB (if any Australians got it to work.)
Is this something I need special equipment for? Do I need to speak to my bank? Do I need to speak to Visa? Can I just clone my existing card and directly put it on? The way I ideally want it to work is, order a new visa card seperate to my existing one, and clone that, so if I lose my ‘main’ card then it won’t effect my implant. Sorry for the stupid questions…

Hi Sam!

Argh. That wont work for you. That was a one off, with help of a venmo dev. You’ll find quite a few references to that specific video on this forum.

Sorry, no, xNT can not do payments.

Check out payment conversions.

Am I’m able to use a Vivokey instead of a xNT?

No, you’ll need to take something like a payment bracelet and convert that.

@yeka has answered you perfectly ( It’s what he does)

I will just chime in from a fellow Kiwi’s perspective/

This is going to sound like gobbledygook, but just go with me on this.

Vivokey is the Company, they have a SOON™ to be released line of implants called APEX, it will come in a couple of different form factors, Unfortunately for US down under ( Unsure about Aussie though) Fidesmo is the backbone of the APEX banking system, which is not available in NZ yet!!!

However, I have a payment conversion

Read about it here

I will add, ASB are no longer doing the paytags, BUT Westpac are

I opened the ASB account just for the sole reason of the conversion.

When my implant expires, I will be replacing it with a Westpac one.
After that one expires, I will hopefully have Fidesmo payment available on my APEX.

The good news for us, is we have user friendly payment terminals, I have not found a paywave terminal that has not worked yet.

I’m not sure which City you are in, there are only a couple of Piercers that are on the partner map

I got my Payment install done by a Pro in Auckland, the rest of mine, my mate has done.

There is new Piercer that @ethan_rose had added to the map on K’Road, Auckland and she sounds really good and interested in the tech, and keen for some xSIIDs herself.

Payment is obviously what you are interested in, but is there anything else that you may want to get an implant for

Work / school / home / gym etc. access

Sharing contact info

Online security etc

I can’t say enough about the 2 companies Dangerous Things and Vivokey especially Amal, Michelle :heart_eyes:



THE best company customer service and community you will find, and the Payment Conversion, is well worth it, I use mine almost daily.

Any more questions mate fire away