Xnt nfc tag vs heat?

I make marbles and some sculptures with glass and am planning to have the xnt nfc tag implanted within the next few weeks, I’m wondering whether there could be any issues from the heat as it sometimes gets quite warm working with the molten glass?

I assume that your glass has a melting point similar to the glass we use, if not higher. I will be surprised if they survive, but it’s worth trying.

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I think he was wondering If his tag would be okay as he deals with molten glass…I think. If not pay no mind. I’m a few Jack and cokes in.

I’d imagine it would be fine, the skin on your hand would burn way before the heat would manage to damage your implant.

And just from human reactions, you’d pull your hand away almost automatically before anything could even happen.


I realized after I posted it that I should have probably worded it a little differently, I was just wondering if the heat from being so close to the flame and glass would cause any of the components such as the antenna which I would imagine is held together using an epoxy of some sort would begin to loosen but I imaging your exactly right that just from normal human reactions I would pull my hand away before I managed to do any damage to the tag.

Thanks for the input, Nate


I’m rather curious about this too, I work with molten plastic, around 235°c and feel the heat easily through my welding gloves, would the heat from glass or plastic effect an implant?

I think it’s still the same case. You’d have to burn the ever loving crap out of yourself for your implant to get anywhere near hot enough to cook the tag in your hand. Check out some of the tests they’ve done for an idea of how much of a ridiculous beating they can take.Tests they’ve performed.


Logic says that you would burn your hand before you destroy the electrical components inside the chip. Do I have anything to back that up? Nope. I would just assume that though.

You’ll be fine