xNT reader that can read contents of xNT


Sorry if this has been asked before. I have an xNT, and I was wondering if there are any readers on the market that can type out the contents stored on the device. I have seen readers that can print out the ID of the device, but I am just curious about the above.

Thank you for any help!


I’m not sure what you exactly need it for but for just showing the contents on there tag info is a great tool. Just select full scan and scan the chip.

For more advanced stuff there is the proxmark3 for example.

Looking for something to type my password that is saved in my chip is all.

If there is a computer program that I can connect to my phone and scan it through that, then that would be perfect.

If you’re needing to do this then you’ll probably need a full hardware solution since user mode software packages that could read and “type” contents would not be able to operate on the windows (or most other OS) password input screens.

There’s the “improved keyboard wedge” thread that’s pretty much what your looking for… but you gotta build it your self

I’m just starting to tip toe into it myself