xNT self install update

:wave: It’s been about 3 months since I posted about doing my self install of my xNT, I haven’t forgotten I just… really wanted to give it time to heal so I would have a solid grasp of what it’s like to live with an implant in my hand. (:

The installation didn’t hurt nearly as much as I anticipated (I originally planned to use a method I saw another self-installer do on youtube, which was to bite down on a ball of paper towels and grunt, lol) and it was a whole lot faster then I thought it would be too. There were definitely a few things I learnt however; I feel that my injection angle/location was slightly off, because there are no visible signs of the implant moving closer to the injection site, rather it might have actually moved away a little bit. Another thing is that I think the implant rotated slightly when I was injecting the capsule, but it seems more or less parallel to my index metacarpal so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The healing process was fine, and the implant moved ever so slightly back and to the left, but other then that I feel like it’s in a good position near the top of the hump, but maybe a little deep(?). During the first one or two weeks, there was a slight bit of redness (not enough for me to notice myself, but I was told that it was there) and a slight bit of swelling, as I had some trouble trying to get a read with my phone even with the case off. I did not notice any bruising at all. Now after the healing process - my phone reads it almost all the time. (but borderline impossibly with the case on, I have a pretty thick case)

I currently have my contact information stored on it, but I plan to use it as authentication for many things which I haven’t gotten around to doing yet… A question I still have would probably be how much I am able to play with it - sometimes if I poke it a little too much in one direction I can feel a slight pop. :sweat_smile:

Obligatory hand images

the hand

the fist

the injection site (the red dot)