My office users HID iCLASS SE readers for door access, they list compatibility with MIFARE / DESFire but can’t seem to read my xNT chip, not even to show an error state. My chip works fine on our samsung door locks, and can be read by my iphone and android phone just fine.

Is there some setup I’m missing to get it read by the HID units? is there a different chip that would be read by them. Our security folks are happy to clone my badge to my chip or allow me a second “badge” via my chip.


Do you have another NTAG216 type tag in card format that you can test with to see if it will produce any results?

Card readers that expect card format tags can have trouble reading x-series tags so position as well as orientation of the tag is super critical to get proper coupling. An HF xLED would help you greatly to determine the best way to present the xNT


I don’t have either, but it seems like the card is pretty easy and inexpensive to get. http://www.id-enhancements.com/nfc-pvc-card-ntag216/

Can the xNT “spoof” card format or store a piece of information (e.g. my existing employee ID) in card format? or is this more of a physical thing than a information format issue?

What is an HF xLED?


The xNT’s UUID cannot be changed. It is unlikely that the reader will use data from the user memory of the xNT (that can be changed) to authenticate.

Have you scanned your existing card with an android app like TagInfo? This will tell you all you need to know if there is an implant you can use.



ok, so with TagInfo i confirmed I could ready my xNT, but it could not read anything from work card/badge


This is the secondary type of reader we use at the office https://www.cdw.com/product/RF-IDeas-pcProx-Plus-82-Series-RF-proximity-reader-USB/4848405?cm_cat=GoogleBase&cm_ite=4848405&cm_pla=NA-NA-RF1_MX&cm_ven=acquirgy&ef_id=Wo8a8wAAALWbOhAj:20180601181314:s&s_kwcid=AL!4223!3!198553132230!!!g!338631845896!

It will read our badges, but not my xNT as well.


It could be a LF (125khz) HID card that you might be able to clone to an xEM.


Thanks I guess I’m going to need another implant… has anyone made a placement guide for multiple chips in one hand?


has some data…