Can you give any more info on this?

I’m kind of in the opposite situation
I need to make SOMETHING look like an iclass
But I don’t have anything to copy

I have a reader now that will only read iclass, and is only 13.56, but I can’t get it to recognize anything since as far as I can tell nothing is configured to show up as an iclass

This is the first evidence that I can put an iclass id onto a ntag

You can’t put an actual iClass card type credential onto an NTAG, but iClass readers can be set to work with any ISO1443a tag using UID only. Sounds like this lower security mode was enabled on @JamesW’s reader so when xNT was scanned, they just copied the UID out of the logs and used that.

The iClass readers can also use an iClass credential on a Mifare Classic (these cards will have MF written on the back near the card number usually but not always) and these are a good candidate for xM1s, but you’d need an iClass cred and UID details to put on it.

If either of these two modes isn’t enabled, I believe you’re SOL unless you buy a configuration card (like @cexshun did to change modes on his reader)

Hope that help clarifies things, HID don’t make it easy to figure out!

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The reader I’m monkeying with, states it will only work with iclass se or seos I believe, doubt that helps my case

I was afraid that he was using his xNT as it’s own thing and not an iclass

I HAVE a xm1, and a couple mifare cards but have been unsuccessful to get those to read either… think it needs to be formatted somehow

Yeah, if it’s SE or SEOS you may struggle. A Mifare Classic can hold an SE credential I believe, it’s just some data in the memory pages, the challenge is the data is based on the UID of the card (hence needing both) and it’s based on encryption to determine the data. The guys on the Proxmark forum could probably give you an example card to test, but I’ve only got one card like this and it’s in active use so can’t share it.

The problem? Even though it’s SE, I think it’s still another configuration setting they can turn off, so it may not be enabled anyway - this or conversion are probably your only avenues if you want to operate it with an implant