XSiiD Anatomy, anyone?

Hi guys, does anybody know about the XSiiD anatomy or where is the antenna(receiver) located?
(Image grabbed from google)

I am (planning) to implant 4 XSiiDs over my right hand and 1 Vivokey & NExT to my left. As illustrated below.
(Image from this forum)

Now, i have been forewarned that should i install them this way, there would be a possibility of interference on reading it because of their proximity with one another. So im planning to put the receiver (antenna) side pointing towards my knuckles, in order to maximize their distances from one another. Or do you have other recommendations on how to place them in a utility-wise yet aesthetically pleasing way?

Thanks in advance :grin:

This thread might help:

In the picture, the copper coil towards the bottom of each implant is the antenna, the chip portion is by the LED, if that’s what you were asking

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The copper coil bit that I’ve circled is the antenna. Think of it as being the opposite end from the LED.


Thanks! Yes i have read about that forum and the 50-50 chance of having the led faced to or from the bevel due to the manufacturing concerns :sweat_smile: however, i am more concerned now on which part of the chip is the antenna located? Is it at the side of the led, the middle or from the opposite side side of the led?

Just so i would know from which part would we inject it to, in order to maximize the antenna distance from one another and decrease the possible interference with one another. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! Now i know where to look at it upon arrival. Therefore the coil has to point my knuckles if i am to proceed on this project.

Do you happen to have any ideas as to how to put everything in one hand without having it interfere with one another upon reading?

they are suggesting atleast a 20mm distance from one another

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Yes bro thanks for pointing it out :grin:


I could tell you the theory, but @StephenBoose can tell you from experience.

Here’s his post to view whilst you wait for his reply :hamster_emoji_gif:

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Is your intention to have all 4 of them have things programmed onto them, or are you just looking for the lights?

If it’s just for the lights, proximity isn’t really an issue, but if you’re wanting to actually use them, the interference can cause data corruption, and such. So you’d probably need to shield all of them except the one you’re trying to read/write to, any time you need to read/write. And, for readers, some of them might get confused by getting signals from multiple tags on the same freq.

It may be worth checking this post out, if you’re intending to use the tags for more than just lights.

Hi bro, based on all your help and recommendations here, i reconsidered a few revision as for my plan. Do you guys think this would work out? (Aesthetically & Functionality wise?

images (1) (29)

My 2 cents, from someone who’s played inplant Tetris

Move the purple next, to that associated wrist

I like to go every other location alternating frequency, high frequency in location P1, low frequency in P2

And a next on the top of the hand would make potentially conflict with both frequency ranges

Another location would be knife edge for the NExT, it’s a super useful location… just make sure to figure out where you’re bones are when you press the side of your hand on a table, and go a smidge more inwards

This was my rough idea, it changed a little but you get the idea, red is lf blue is hf

Other advice, positions 90° relative to each other have much less worry about interference,
For example, I have one under the bottom of my thumb bordering my palm, one in the standard webbing, and one on the top of my hand

They are all close, but I’m various places rotational around my hand, so when one is being read it makes the others farther away

Other food for thought, I don’t think the antenna vs antenna orientation matters besides P0 webbing of hand, I find led closer to wrist is better than when others want to scan it with their phone, the led sticks out from under… the other way would be more obscured

I don’t think alternating the orientations will change any interaction of the fields, I’d just orient them all the same way for aesthetics

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An additional 2 cents

This is why I would put the NExT in the L0.
With your thumb down, your NExT will be 90⁰ to the the rest of your implants giving you more realestate to play with?

Is there any reason why you didn’t? Are you saving that for something?

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I immediately thought of this…


Haha thats why im really pushing for this :sweat_smile:

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Hi bro nice illustration! However, almost all of my devices works on NFC, and the NeXT will be having both anyway, thats why im just looking at having the NSiiDs installed cool like an infinity glove yet having to enjoy each ones unique functions as well hehe

I’m not sure if you’ve already installed your implants, but if not, I believe @StephenBoose did something similar with the xSIID’s. It might be worth talking with them about collision and whatnot.


I don’t even know how I missed this!! I will respond with a 360° VR video from my perspective of me showing off my xSIID gauntlet!!

I had to upload to Imgur since they were MOV files!

(edit by Amal since Imgur lets you save as MP4 :wink: )


anybody in here built a successful pegleg? i want :money_mouth_face:

Go read the Bodybytes Implant discussion and drool more.

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