xSIID and Latch Keyless System

I think this should work, but I wanted to grab some experts to make sure.

I have an xSIID in one of my hands. I’ll be moving into an apartment complex that uses the LATCH Keyless system.

Upon checking out specs, it looks like it can use 13.56mhz NFC Mifare Classic.
Specs of units: The Latch R Series: An integral part of the Latch keyless entry system | Latch

Would an xSIID be able to hold the information to unlock these if it can be cloned using a proxmark or flipper?

Along with that, does it have to be using a NFC card?
If the Latch app invokes a read could something like a flipper copy that key and then place it onto the xSIID?

It SEEMS possible… MIFARE Classic® card 13.56mhz rfid 1k hotel door entry lock pvc card ( – YARONGTECHSTORE

From my understanding we might just be using our phones to unlock the door. (Which is an idea I hate, because no phone no entry) But I’d like to imagine they give card fobs out either way.

Update and Edit: After some research with similar situations on the forum it appears as though you can not clone TO an xSIID, but only enroll an xSIID into a system :frowning: If I’m understanding this incorrectly please let me know however.

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You cant clone a mifare classic to the Mifare ultralight memory layout of the xsiids ntagI2C

If you’re able to enroll UIDs you may be able to enroll your xsiids UID but that’s a big IF


Thanks a ton for this clarification!

Are there currently any implants that Dangerous Things offer that may be able to handle a MiFare Classic clone? (xM1 even though it is out of stock?)

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These are all capable of having Mifare Classic 1k chips cloned onto them:


Also the Magic ring if wearables are of interest


Thanks for that!

I’ll do research on Latch and the FlexM1 to see if they may be a good pair.
I would do the xMagic, but both point 0’s in my hands are occupied and I feel as though the other points are not “meaty” enough for another chip.

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The back of the hand P0 - P5 should work well for you.
Personally I try to save those for Flex Implants ( A FlexM1 would be a good option for you).
I also have an xSeries in each of my P11’s ( if you consider this, please use a pro installer)