Xsiid blue problem

Has anyone also had a problem with the implant? The implant is read, but the light is off: / for a week it was shining less and less, today it stopped lighting up

It is possible that the led burned out?
Reading coverage has also decreased

Installed a week ago? Probably swelling, wait another week.

4 months ago

To read it, I have to put my hand to the reader and wait 3-5 seconds

Have you had any other injury to the site?
Could the XSIID have rotated with the LED slowly turning inwards?

In reality, your chip should either be On or Off…
ie. Working or not working.

Not really working intermittently unless there is a loose connection/join.
This would be less likely in an xSeries and even less likely to happen over time.

As Yeka mentioned , just leave it a little longer and keep an eye on it.

With what you described, to me it sounds like it may be migrating deeper, but that’s just my guess.

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I have another implant next to it which is a bit deeper xEM and I feel that the xsiid is still in the same place

I noticed the differences in reading xsiid first on the phone, then on KBR1 when the reading range from 1-2 cm changed to pressing the hand against the reader

No damage to the implant when I touch it with my finger through the skin

After removing the kbr1 from the housing and bringing the antenna closer to the implant, the same effect

Xem works fine from 4 cm, but xsiid is a tragedy

LF generally has better range, but that doesn’t explain the decline in performance :thinking:
So it has been a steady decline or a sudden drop?
Also is it intermittent reads or just the constant reduced range reads

If you are happy to, and what I would personally is suggest still leaving it for another week or two before hitting the :help: button.

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Ok, I’ll wait, see if something changes, but after a week I lose hope for improvement

Well it’s not going to improve with THAT attitude :wink: :rofl: :rofl:

I use it every day as passwords, keys etc. I will give him time to rest and I will return to the keys and keyboard if it does not improve, I will finally order spark 2🤣