xSIID Capabilities?

I’m very interested in getting the xSIID LED implant as my first implant however other than writing a url, instagram link, or something of that nature, what are some other capabilities/limitations of it? (I am based in the US so I know that may limit some capabilities)

I know that responsibly I should choose an implant based on my needs but I’ve been pretty adamant about this one specifically for months now and doubt this interest would change unless another LED implant exists.

Thank you in advance!

First things first - it can glow! :star_struck:
And with apps like NFCTools, you can make it do things with your phone - mine, for example, just opens my vaccination app (just for all those people who claim you get chipped when getting vaxxed :wink: )

Yeeeahh… but, like I said, IT GLOWS! :smile:

Oh, and welcome to the forum, of course!


People usually buy locks and NFC readers to login to their computers n stuff


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thats honestly one of my primary motivations for choosing the xSIID rather than another chip :slight_smile: I’m only a college student with little needs, so why get a regular chip that can open up a url if I can get one that does that AND glow.

lmaoooooo that’s extremely funny. I have to do that at least once when I get my implant.

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Yea I heard of that, it would be an interesting project!

But are you a college student with an access control system that would like to use their implant to open doors, buy from a vending, pay for meals, sign out library books etc.

Do you have such a system at your college?

We might be able to tell you if your xSIID would work, or suggest a compatiable implant to accompany it.

Do you know how to find out what system your college uses?


I use my XSIID for sharing contact details to people’s phones

The led actually is useful for this because the sweet spot is different on each phone model, and it helps me located it

I also use my XSiid to login to my computers, the led isn’t useful here, but it’s dramatic and people can see it much easier and it’s fun


That’s a good point. My college doesn’t utilize nfc technology that much, the only place I’ve seen it so far would be with a few doors, but they’re always unlocked anyways. The only other capability would maybe be for public transport.

However, it would be good to know for the future in case I have more options to use nfc technology at school. How would I be able to figure out what system my college uses?

I’d most likely end up using it for the same purpose, but maybe with Instagram instead since its more popular with my generation than giving out phone details.

Logging into computers would be interesting as well though. Does the implant have enough memory to both without rewriting it?

To start, try using TagInfo

You might choose to change the UID of you results :man_shrugging:

If it scans, we will have a much better idea of what we are dealing with and what is possible.

If it doesn’t read, there is a pretty good chance it is a LF system, and any LF implant with a T5577 chip should be compatible.

A lot of IF’s, but chances are not bad that there could be a solution for you, we just need some more info to help you

Basically Yes!

Computer login uses the UID, the details ( your info ) are stored separately

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Sounds good! Thank you for being so helpful :slight_smile:

When I have time I’ll do more research and use TagInfo to get the information I need!

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Mine was placed 2 days ago and i cannot scan it yet :frowning:
is that normal that it takes some days ?
I put a Next in other hand and that one works fine and taginfo can find the Next but the XSIID is not visible.

When they put in the XSIID it was bleeding a lot and i think it’s because of that and some swelling it does not work yet ?

Yes give it a week ideally 2 to heal up. DOA chips are pretty rare and are covered by warranty so don’t worry yet :slight_smile:

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Yep, took me maybe 3-5 days to be able to scan it, and a couple weeks for it to really be visible

Totally the norm

Plus you’ll learn the right angles and positions to get a good scan to make it easier and easier with time

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Like the guys above already said, it can take some time - I’d say be prepared for two weeks, if it blinks earlier you’re happy :wink:
Mine took about a week to be visible, if I remember it correctly.

For scanning the chip itself, we’re talking about roughly the same timeframe - if you can’t read the chip after two weeks and your hand looks totally normal again (so no blueness, no swelling and all that), you can slowly start to worry :wink: Though this all depends a lot on how your body behaves - mine, for example, loves to overreact a bit with blueness and swelling… :grimacing:

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ok thanks!

The hand where the Next is implanted i have a small mounted blue swelling , i am afraid the Next chip migrated higher … or could this be some swelling and chip is still lower lol freaking me out hahaha

You can find the chip’s location by either poking around in your hand (don’t do that now) or by putting a small strong magnet on the skin - I did this for fun when my implant was a few days old, and unless you keep the magnet there for a longer time, it does no damage.
Poking around in your hand to find the implant is okay after some weeks, but I’d be very careful with that after just a few days… so maybe better use the magnet :wink:

The blue swelling can be install-related, maybe some little vein that was nicked, or maybe even just the installer grabbing the skin a bit too strong (would lead to that kind of blueness on my slightly over-sensitive body…)


Thanks again for the great info! This makes me feel reassured again.

So just need to be patient :stuck_out_tongue:

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