xSIID green and white are now in stock!

Wondering if you ever got around to that video?

I was also wondering what phone you had and what direction the coils of each xSIID are orientated? I love the look of all of those LEDs :heart_eyes:

Final question for now I promise: is that amber LED on your arm an xSIID or something else?

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The video is finally ready to upload.

Showing you my blink

Photo with the orientation of the antenna and LED’s also in this post with the link above.

And yes this one in the arm is the DT Amber xSIID :grinning:
In my hand I have the early Dsruptive Amber version, from the time before they worked with DT.


Which phone are you using the light up all three xSIID at once? That’s impressive!


Ah, right I forgot to say that. :sweat_smile: This is my outdoor smartphone for work (but I like to use it privately also because I’m more the survival type of woman… :cowboy_hat_face: it’s an Ulefone Armor 2s. With my husband’s Asus ROG phone II the LED flashes looks even more amazing. Good thing I can say by now it works also perfectly with other smartphones! When I’m going to cosplay events (sadly not possible during Covid19 times) people can scan most of my implants with their own smartphone - LED’s , vCard , vivokey and so on - especially their kids love seeing this. Until now the triple LED worked every time with all the different smartphone types. :laughing:
But I think it’s all about the perfect placement, a little bit closer together and it would not read separately anymore.