Xsiid implant cannot be read

Heeeeeey !!! Whats up gangs ??? I have my XSIID chip implanted since 2 month ans it work very well but since Last week i cannot read it anymore … when i open the application I try “read the chip” so its write put the chip near the sensor to scan it … the light came on but the application cannot read it … did i do something wrong ??? 2 week ago i had a scan on my rigth hand but my implant is in the left hand … i dont know what happened… help me please !!!
Thank you !!!


Which application and Phone do you use?

I don’t understand that, can you explain it in more detail to me?


If it’s blinking, instead of being solidly lit, you likely aren’t getting a good enough read, you may be able to just wait a second for the coupling to improve, or reposition your hand

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A couple of ideas for you
Check out

Try using your xFD keyring (that you would have recieved with your xSIID) to find the best place on your phone to read… unless of course you have an iPhone

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Heeeey !!! I have nfc task and tagwriter… when i try to scan my chip the Green Light come on very bright !!! But the application cannot read it … before i install some information on it but i cannot read it anymore … like i said the light come on … no blinking…

you still havent given me the info which phone you use.

Try TagInfo

and NFC Tools

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I have a samsung A52 …

And what are the results when using NFC tools and tagwriter?

No result at all !!! Its weird … only me led is “ON” … i hope i did not break it …

Heeeeeeey !!! Whats up guys ? ??? I try to make some test with my XSIID chip because I cannot read it … i check with my girlfriend phone and it work !!! So I delete all my application for nfc and I download it again… not working … The NFC setting are ON but my phone cannot read it juste light it … can my phone have a problème with the NFC reader ???

Just want to make sure you know the correct location of where to put the implant.

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Yes !!! No probleme !!! Normaly i can scan it with no trouble but since a couple of week when i try to scan it … the light came on but the application dont detect it … i download the application on my girlfriend phone and i can read it with no problem … I erase all the application and reload it but same thing … the Green Light came on full but the application cannkt read it anymore … i wish i can show you with a video somehow … sorry i’m not really good in that type of thing … thanks !!!