xSIID implant vein problem

Hello everyone, I have the Titan and the xSIID since two weeks.
Everything is ok with my Titan (in my middle finger) but I spotted a problem with the xSIID today.
I have it in my hand and the “head” of the implant is against a vein, this vein has slightly swollen and I can see the pulse there.
I’m scared, I don’t know what to think.
Should I have the implant removed or is there another solution ?
I don’t know how the implant could have ended up in this position…
(I had taken a picture for a friend but it’s not visible in the picture.)
Thank you for your answers.

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maybe you can share some knowledge :slight_smile:

Here are some additional explanations with pictures, hope this will help you understand the situation :

how do you mean? can you record a video of this?

the bottom line is always this - if you feel your health is at risk in any way, you should always consult a medical professional.

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About the “pulse” (sorry, I don’t have this word in my English) I was talking about seeing the vein as beating (like the beating of the heart).
I don’t know what is the exact word in English to explain this.
Unfortunately, it’s imperceptible on video.
It’s a small vein.
I would go see a health professional.
Thank you for your answers :pray:t2:

“pulse” is the correct Engluish word :slight_smile:

There are some posts on the forum about migrating or moving implants, and people have repositioned them by using toothpicks and strapping tape to hold them in place. Can you move the implant by pressing on it. From your drawing, it seems the implant is at a 90 degree angle to the direction it should be facing.

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Thank you very much for this advice !
I can move it slightly, so I’ll try the toothpick technique !
Thank you very much !

Congrats on getting them installed! Like Amal said, if you feel concerned, confront a medical professional. Though I remember reading on the forums that veins have moved away from an implant. Also, it has only been two weeks since install, there’s still time for the implant to migrate. My xSIID and NExT took a month to migrate to their final positions in my hand. I wouldn’t be too concerned just yet. Maybe use the toothpick method now since the install is still fresh.

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