xSiiD LED Blue, Reads and Writes but light is not seen after 7 days

I have an xSiiD Blue LED in my left hand, for the first 3 days i could clearly see the blue light, for the past 4 days I have only seen the light once, after multiple scans with different phones, the read/write works great but i can no longer see the light, what is the usual amount of time for my hand to glow again, i suspect the device is just settling in. Any other users experience this and can give me a time frame?

Photos of injection site:

David Crees / Abdilo

I have the green one, and while I’ve never had the light completely disappear, it does occasionally differ in brightness, and I think it’s due to the implant spinning and pointing the light at the skin or down into your hand sometimes. I know the blue one is a bit dimmer too, have you tried looking at it in a darkened room? Hopefully it’s just rotating and will come back and not malfunctioning

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The light being a bit dimmer / more red would be normal while you heal. No light at all - especially in pitch darkness - isn’t

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Have a green one, couldn’t see it for around the first week.

Blood pooling and other things inside you can obscure the light without obscuring the read/write.

Give it 3-4 weeks of healing before you worry.


The worry is that it was visible for 3 days, and now it ain’t. Unless he experienced sudden, massive swelling, I’d say that’s unusual. But yeah, definitely give it some time.

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Nope, we have seen that exactly the same way with another xsiid. Visible then after a period of time or so either the implant roled or a blood clot or whatever covered the led.

Infact mine the day it was implanted you could see it for about 5hrs or so.


Yeah i have tried an entirely pitch black room, curtains closed, everything,
@Devilclarke I suspect you are correct with the blood pooling and other things, let’s see what happens in 3-4 weeks
@anon3825968 I had experienced swelling but i currently do not have any swelling.
@Devilclarke yeah i reckon it’s just settling, glad im not the only one, will update this thread when it glows blue again.

My body weight goes from 69.7KG to 59KG depending on how much i work(i work 18-90 hour shifts and i rarely eat when i work), i also run a cyber security company so i type a lot, i consume a fair bit of alcohol most days of the week, i also consume energy drinks. These could also be factors in determining what caused the rotation or blood pooling. Nitrous Oxide (ak/a Nangs) i also consume at times, curious if that would also lead to a thinning of the blood.

My recent xSiiD green, had a similar story
Took about a solid week before I ever saw a speck of light in a dark room,

And then it came and went for a week,
Now it’s just getting brighter and brighter
It’s hard to imagine that the amount of light it puts out could be blocked by a couple mm of blood and flesh like it was ( and the blue is a tad dimmer )
Give it a couple more weeks

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I do not know why yours isn’t showing.
My blue one has always been bright AF.

What the hell kind of nastiness to you use to light up your implant man? It looks like you just pulled a live cellphone with NFC on from a decomposing body :slight_smile:

cheers mate
@Backpackingvet i will be getting a nfc led thinggy soon in the mail field detector i think it is, but what is going on with your skin, have you glad wrapped your hand?

Its called tegaderm its a “second skin” great for cuts

I poor stuff with epoxy, I used too much glitter, so it looked bad. Didn’t bother polishing it up.

It was a hypoallergenic tegaderm, as the ones shipped with the DT kit, gave me a scar.

Wth allergic reactions to it? That bad!

i have just managed to get some slight blue, not as bright as original, but it has rotated again. lets see how it goes tonight under heavy drinkining.


Throw a pressure wrap on if you have one.

It should help dissipate any swelling

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Great news!

The human body really is a strange and unpredictable machine isn’t it? :slight_smile:

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That is @Backpackingvet s KRB1, here is his post with more photos and info

xSIID and Proxmark?

Seriously thats great (getting to see the colour) but as @Backpackingvet pressure wrap and not picking, poking and prodding at it are the best things you can do.

I flew too close to the sun. I sanded a wire and ruined the whole thing.

I am confused. I did have a wrap on it, and left it alone really.