xSiiD LED Blue, Reads and Writes but light is not seen after 7 days

I poor stuff with epoxy, I used too much glitter, so it looked bad. Didn’t bother polishing it up.

It was a hypoallergenic tegaderm, as the ones shipped with the DT kit, gave me a scar.

Wth allergic reactions to it? That bad!

i have just managed to get some slight blue, not as bright as original, but it has rotated again. lets see how it goes tonight under heavy drinkining.


Throw a pressure wrap on if you have one.

It should help dissipate any swelling

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Great news!

The human body really is a strange and unpredictable machine isn’t it? :slight_smile:

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That is @Backpackingvet s KRB1, here is his post with more photos and info

xSIID and Proxmark?

Seriously thats great (getting to see the colour) but as @Backpackingvet pressure wrap and not picking, poking and prodding at it are the best things you can do.

I flew too close to the sun. I sanded a wire and ruined the whole thing.

I am confused. I did have a wrap on it, and left it alone really.


yep. It is slowly going away. I put a line next to them to help point them out.

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That was supposed to say “like backpackingvet said”.

Thats pretty mad that reaction.

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It was blisters for a while. I figured it was gonna happen, but thought I would try it anyways.

@amal in this video https://youtu.be/sQmvq2uydL0 what is the device you used? i am trying to figure out a way to show the led and others i inject via a otg cable from my phone to power an arduino with an nfc reader, what parts did you use?

@Backpackingvet what is the device in your photo?

Its a pn532 (arduino is off screen)

sweet as im considering having multiple leds in this format. so itd be sweet to have something i can power via my phone to light it all up.

That might be kinda close, but maybe I’m wrong

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yeah im going to get my piercing parlour lad to help me figure out the best places

Didn’t catch what you said before, but you will not be able to light all up at once

Likely not even more than 1

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yeah the idea is light one up at a time as the scanner goes across, just got blue to light up again in the cab from my original led
just for a party trick, left hand is cosmetic, right hand is for red team pentesting.

Update day 8 or 9:
light can be seen in total darkness and slightly in a semi lit room.
4am intense brightness in darkness.


update, glows perfect at night again even with distance between phone and chip