xSIID LED orientation

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I am receiving my shipment of the XSIID tomorrow, and I wanted to know on what side of the chip is the led located on? is the LED towards the bevel of syringe or is it pointing towards the back of the shaf?

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There was some discussion of this in the XSIID release thread.


Got it, good info!

So that it dosnt get lost in the ether and hopefully this topic will stay on track/be easily searchable.

The xSIID was supposed to be loaded so LED came out first, all the ones tested by amal and co where backwards (LED last). Someone planned an implant that way and it came out LED first.

I guess what you need to take from this is the first batch seems to be unreliable on orientation. Mine was LED last but it does vary.


Do we know if it’s LED first, or LED last now? Or if the assembly factory is still having any issues with orienting them correctly? Trying to plan accordingly before I jab myself. Hoping it’s LED first, so I don’t need to jab myself backwards. lol

I believe, pretty much as @Devilclarke mentioned above is still accurate

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Mine back in October was LED first.

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At mine the LED comes last out. I want to have LED first but is not.
Interesting or confusing thing is if I scan it it will open the dangerousthings website at the XSIID place predefined. I configured nothing. Is that normal?

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Yes, the implants are pre programmed to their product page. My NExT was set to the product page for the NExT as well.


My Xsiid was led last not first,

I think the general consensus is, if it matters a lot, it’s not bad for the installer to expose the chip a bit to verify orientation immediately before installing


Mine came out LED first. Got it implanted in June 2021.

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I know you have been answered, but just to ad, to me, that is a simple but clever support tool.
Basically a built in instruction manual, it sends you to the product page of the implant which has a bunch of info and on that page is a redirect also to the forum here for further assistance.

tenor (30)


So it seems like they’re still supposed to orient LED first, but also still having some assembled backwards.

I know it’s terribly unlikely that it’ll light up whilst inside the package, but I’m gonna give it a try (through the thick plastic, not the sterile inside package), and see if I can see it light up. If not, I’ll just have to wait until I’m ready to install (bit nervous since implanting is only similar to piercing, not same, and I only get 1 hand).

Thank you all so much for the replies explaining about your recent installs!!!

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My NExT was not pre configured. That’s the reason why I’m was confused because this time it was. But agree, it’s a good step and of course marketing :wink:

My came out with the LED last. I had think it would been better the other way but it is like it is.

Great attitude

I don’t have any blinky, but I have seen a few posts around with the LED orientation “issue” , It must be frustrating for implantees, but I think it must be more frustrating for Amal.
You give clear direction to the manufacturer/ assembly team on the orientation.
You have very valid reasons for doing so ( your customers )
Then the supplier does what the fuck they want, and you dont know until after a whole batch has been delivered.
Amal wants to give the people what they want
But the people get a 50:50

But yeah, It is what it is.

I actually know what I would do if I wanted one in a specific position ( although migration may have another idea ).
It wouldn’t really be best practice, so I won’t mention it here. But it is just common sense…


Pop it like a pimple and try again?


Not sure if this is what you meant. I moved one of my implants just 5mm or so, the thought of that makes me want to vomit… So much burning pain…

I think I mentioned this in another thread, but I got my blue xSIID in October 2020, and it came out LED last. I actually prefer it for my particular install, it puts the LED near the edge of my hand, making it easier to show off to people.

To move it is a bit of a risk I assume because you don’t know what is in the way, right. I had think the same because mine is currently not in the position I want but touch it burns yes. So will wait till the swelling goes away. But afterwards it’s not possible to move it anymore I think.

Oh I’m 100% not advocating moving it, it’d be an awful idea for something cosmetic, too many risks. I’m sorry if I worded it in a way that sounded like advocacy.

(don't want to derail, but here's a short explanation of my forceful movement experience, click to expand)

I only moved mine b/c it was having actual issues. My spark 2 was installed in L2. My piercer hadn’t done an install there before, and went too close to the bend at my fist area. Whenever I bent my fingers into a fist, the implant would move over the joint and twist, trying to collide with my actual metacarpals. Over time a slot of sorts formed, with it able to slide back and forth. I pushed it further down in the direction of my wrist (which hurt like hell), and was able to get it in a position where it was clear of the joint. After that, I used a small magnet to attempt to brace it in place, as well as slightly irritate the area to hopefully encourage rapid encapsulation. The largest advantage of this method is that it works so close to the joint. The normal method is to use broken toothpicks taped down around, to corral the implant in place. Since mine was right on the edge, I couldn’t do that and maintain finger movement. This method allowed my hand to work as normal during bracing.

I also put a piece of electrical tape down to pad the area slighty, and just put the magnet on top. It pinched it into place. The risk with the method is possible necrosis by cutting off blood flow, but I was careful to take it off every 3-5 hours and check it. I didn’t have any issues, and combined with pre-natal supplements, it worked a treat. Over a year later and no movement since then.

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Hi guys, please correct me if im wrong, i dont know how the XSiiD is packaged or checked prior to packaging and being sealed within the installation pouch/package, but cant the one who does that do a “double check” as a quality assurance and see wether the implant is oriented “led first” or “led last” prior to sealing in the pouch? Then create a check box or sticker on the pouch as to how it is oriented based on the final QA

Therefore, that way, the implantee may be able to instruct the applicator as to how it should be done depending on the implantee’s desired specification.

In my case, i am planning to order all 4 colors and put it on my right hand like how it looks like with thanos therefore a 50-50 error must be eradicated as it will be a painful correction lol

Anyway hoping everything gets well :grin: