XSIID not lighting up near reader

So I have a question for the more tech literate. I went to get a drink from the vendings today. I swiped my card on a tap to pay that looked like,

I put my trusty diagnostic card to it, and it gives off 8 inches of HF power. When I put my xSIID to it, I couldn’t get it to light up.

What gives?

Antenna coupling. Implant antennas are round not flat, so they couple a little different. Do you have the placement card or key chain that was sent with your implant? that would be the best way to figure out where on the reader and what orientation the implant has to be to couple to light up.

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Like @Blu3Rats said, coupling could the issue. The fact it gets huge range with the diag card could also mean the field is shaped like a big doughnut and you may actually have to pull the xSIID away from the face of the reader a bit and explore the 3D space out in front of it a bit to see if you catch the right amount of flux out there for the xSIID.

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I will give that a shot tomorrow. Once someone else came in, I didn’t feel like standing there slapping my hand at the vending machine. Opens up too many questions.


about your sanity? haha


Well that. I am a very blunt person. I would tell them exactly why, and when they tell that is the devils mark, I tell them I don’t believe in fairy tales. (Not going to converse further about religion, just being honest about what I say.)

It is just not always well received, people are religious around my work. But hey, don’t push your beliefs, I won’t push mine.