xSIID on the top of the forearm?

I’m thinking about getting my xSIID installed on the top of my forearm. About 4 inches up from the wrist. Is this a viable position? I feel like the chance of migration is much slimmer than most other places on the arm, and I’m saving the knife edge of my hand for the xM1 when it’s restocked.

We’ll call me stupid but I got impatient and self installed it. Almost passed out and bled a ton but now I’m good and it feels great.



Okay, the original post is 1h old. thats really impatient :smiley:

glad the install worked out so far.


Original post, was 1hr ago…but then the I self installed was only 30 minutes later

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I have an xg3 in that area under a decepticon tattoo so I can put stuff for the decepticons to hide :slight_smile:


Probably a little late but hey I’ll answer anyway;

I’ve got two xsiid’s implanted on the top of my forearm, a green one about 2 inches up from my wrist, and the other is a blue about 3-4. The two inch one reads really well, the 3-4 inch reads okay, needs some finagling though. As for blink factor, eh. They still definitely light up, but the skin on the top of my forearm is thicker than the skin underneath, so they’re not too good for showing off in broad daylight, I try to show them off in darker rooms if I do show them off. I plan on getting more up my arm but want to put them on the underside of my forearm where my skins thinner, and hopefully the light shines through easier b/c the skins lighter. Hope this helps someone in the future :sweat_smile:

Alright an update: so the install went great and it hurt much more than my hand implant but wasn’t too bad. There was A LOT more blood than my hand and I think I went into shock because I immediately felt really lightheaded and dizzy. After a little I started to feel better and I tried eating a bit. I was fine for a while until I felt like I had to vomit badly and was in and out of the bathroom for hours puking my brains out whenever I even swallowed my own saliva. Well I slept it off and I feel fine now. Maybe a little tired from my chaotic night but I am STARVING and I can finally drink water without needing to throw it back up. Adrenaline and being in shock sucks fat bootyholes

Sounds like vasovagal. Best to eat a good meal and drink water before hand to lower the effects or completely avoid it depending on the person.

Yeah. That’s what I was thinking. I feel completely fine now, the implantation site stings a bit and there’s a tiny bump where the implant sits. I tend to get a little dizzy when I see more than a few drops of blood come out of me and I felt fine until the needle came out and the blood came out with it.

I also have a xSIID in my forearm. It was professionally installed and i almost passed out too. Lol it hurt way more than my hand and the xbt i got installed just below the armpit. Forearm is terrible lol.