XSIID password protection?

I’m new to NFC and implants, and am trying to choose one, the XSIID has caught my eye but I wanted to ask and double check if it could be password protected to prevent unwanted writing to the chip. If it can be, what tools would be used to set a passcode? Thanks in advance for the help!

Sooo yes… the first 1k (sector 0, the first 888 bytes or so) are exactly like the NTAG216, including password protection. There is another entire sector (sector 1) which has it’s own configuration that does not include any of that… so you can password protect writing only or reading and writing with a password for the first sector on the xSIID.

Right now the chip inside the SIID (the NTAG I2C) is basically so rare, that it’s not really well supported by any of the standard software or apps out there yet. The best bet would be to attempt to use the TagWriter app… but really the best solution would be to use something like NFC Shell to write your own raw commands to the chip (for now)… so there would be a lot of learning involved.


Thanks for your answer, I’m glad to hear it has that functionality. Learning is part of the reason I want to get into the hobby, so NFC shell sounds like a great option, thanks for your help and reply, Amal!

Is there a benefit to password protecting it? Is someone gonna ninja in my room and do something to it?

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It’s possible…


Does anyone have any suggestions where to begin learning about NFC commands for use with the NFC shell app?

The data sheet of the chip you are working with is usually how I start. Buying cheap Stickers or other tags with the same chip as your implant to practice on. I am actually about to start messing with the SIID more soon. If you are planning with doing much with a NFC shell well… Shameless plug NFC Shell - Desktop Application