xSIID Scannable with taginfo, but otherwise not accessible

Hi all, new here, got my xSIID blue edition lol implanted a few days ago, it lights up a little and I can scan with taginfo app but other than that I cannot access it with anything else, cant read or write with any app, it doesn’t even light up trying to use any other app, and its pretty difficult to get it to reliably read at all.
Im on android btw, and Ill try to post my taginfo scan report here if I can

XSIIDTagionfoAdept.txt (2.0 KB)
here is my taginfo readout, I think i removed the ID code right, so yea, any ideas?

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It can take a couple of weeks for the swelling to go down and get a solid, reliable read.


but I don’t understand, if I can read it in taginfo ok, why can’t I read and or write on it at all otherwise?
why does it only work in that app and nowhere else? I apologize for asking these probably dumb questions =(

I totally agree with this

Just a couple of things to try ( But still, you really need to wait another couple of weeks )

soooo many people go through this, It’s like getting a Christmas present with no batteries and you have to wait…

Anyway, if you can manage a read with TagWriter, make sure what you are trying to write in your data set is less that ~ 888 kB

You can write more but the is another story for later ( NFC Shell commands )

Reading with other is strange, but I still wouldn’t worry, and remember Writing needs better coupling ( aka less swelling ) than reading.

So just to reiterate:
Dont worry
Be Happy
You have a Blue Blinky
You just need to wait about 2 weeks…



Don’t apologize for asking questions! That’s how you anyone learns anything! Also, it’s not a dumb question. You just installed a bit of technology in your body that isn’t behaving like you think it should! That’s a good reason to be concerned!


The readability of my xSiiD was massively better after healing. Two weeks it started to be much easier and after about a month or so it was significantly easier.


Thank you for the information!

Ok I did get it to read/write with NFC tools pro, and so on, so it is working fully now, just hoping it scans a little more reliably as it heals, as it takes more than a few tries to get a read most of the time right now
Thank you all for the information though! I know patience is key with these things but alas I am not a patient person lol


That’s awesome

That’s exactly what it will do

Haha, you will learn…

Ye =)
Oh so on a new note, I have begun experimenting with using an android based multi-encryption tool to use various methods to encrypt plain text that could for example be an address, or a set of passwords or so on, and then running it through the encryption process, storing a copy of the key separately and then writing the encrypted data to my NFC implant, its going good so far and the best method I have found in the security VS size deal with it is the blowfish cypher, I am having a lot of fun with all this!

Well not so much for me, I installed mine middle of July, so I would assume the swelling has gone down by now. Still can’t read it well, it takes a good few minutes with my phone if I take the case off. Yet to find any one who can read it with their phone. Every time I try after about 30 seconds or so of fumbling around I give up. I just don’t use it anymore, feel like it was a bit waste. I hope yours is ok though, a lot of people here do get a good result.

What have you tried so far?
What phones?
Have you tried any other readers?

Any pictures of the implant location ?
Can you see a visible bump under you skin ie. Would you say your implant is shallow or deep?

Hey Pilgrimsmaster, I have tried working it up closer to the surface as much as I can. When trying to scan I sometimes get my fingers under the chip and try and push up, other times I sit the phone right on the spot, then slowly turn the phone around, I have tried different types of phones, Samsung, Apple etc… I even have an EFTPOS machine here and that never reads it.
I’m thinking it might be too deep. I can feel it when I lightly touch it with my fingers, but there is no visible lump. I can squeeze it in my fingers and grab each end of it.
What do you think? Too deep? These are the pics, I marked it with red pen where it sits.

Check out these ones…there should be a link to the post where they have been used, and sometimes a diagram of where the antenna is located.

If your phone is not on the list, You can generally work out where your antenna is with some GoogleFu, but I prefer a practical use of the HF xFD you would have been sent with your order

Also, not to suck eggs, but Just confirming, you are trying to read your xSIID perpendicular with the antenna?
like This


Do you have an ACR122U or a KBR1 by chance?