Xsiid Support for a newbie

Hey guys!
As of yesterday I just got my first two implants! One is a Blue XSIID in the 0 region (between my thumb and index finger) on my right hand and one is a XEM on the same hand’s knife edge and I had some questions!

  1. I am currently unable to see the LED. I tested it before insertion and it blinked and I also am aware that this is not unheard of. Does anyone have an estimate of when I will be able to see it? I also have been able to get it to read off of my flipper zero but it is even a little difficult to read at times. Will this slowly improve as well?

  2. I am worried that the XSIID is upsidedown in my hand? How can I (Eventually when healed) rotate it back? Does using a rare earth magnet to rotate it risk damaging the electronics?

  3. Anyone have a particulalrly cool use case for the XSIID?

Once again thank you all for your help :slight_smile: it means a lot!

probably sometimes it will be vizible and disappear again, but after 2 weeks it should be done (i.e. swelling gone)
if not, it’s probably some clotted blood and can take longer (ig 6 weeks to ballpark you)

Don’t worry it’s spinning all the time. Or play with magnets.

Can’t help with 3) :slight_smile:

Oh and…


Thank you so much!!! Your so kind!


  1. Probably 2 weeks before you can get consistent reads, and same for the LED. It might take longer, I think 2 weeks is average. Also, you should refrain from writing to the chip until the 2 weeks are up and you’re getting consistent reads.

  2. It’ll rotate from time to time. It’s no big deal, it should rotate back through the course of your day as you move your hand.

  3. Can write your contact info to it, a Rick roll link, I had a link to a picture of a middle finger for a bit and told people to scan my hand lol

Omg thank you so much this is so useful!!! 2 weeks got it! And I won’t write to it until then!!!

Is it normal to see nothing even in a dark room?
(It was working literally right before I chipped my hand)

and thank you again it really means a lot!

Yep totally,

My green one blinked for like 30 minutes after I got it installed and the went dark for 2-3 weeks

It’s just covered in clotting flesh and blood and stuff that you can’t see, it’ll take a bit for all the internal gunk to chill and go back to normal