xSIID with a door lock

Hello All!

I have had an xSIID for over a month now and after a long healing process, I purchased an RFID compatible door lock in hopes of opening my door with my hand :slight_smile:

Before installing the door, I registered my pin, my fingerprint, and when it came time to register my hand… I ran into this issue…

The door detects me pressing a key before it detects my hand…

Can anyone think of a creative fix for this or will I most likely be cursed with this lock…


I was unable to find the technical sheet on that. Do you have one?

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Unfortunately not, I got all of my information on this lock from site reviews/videos as they don’t possess their own company site and operate solely off of amazon

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I was just trying to find what kind of chip it uses.

Can you scan the fobs they came with and post it here?

(I might not be able to help much further, but others will want to see this info to help you.)

Not home to scan them but this is the fob they use Amazon.com: HARFO Access Card, Mini RFID Card for F01/F02 K1 Series (10 PCS): Home Improvement

There are a variety on the market, unfortunately not all locks are compatible with all implants.

with TagInfo


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I will scan them when I get home and post it here, thanks for the info!!


Yeah I’ve seen locks like this too. Soooo annoying… I think the only way around this is to;

  1. remove the antenna and move it outside the case or elsewhere in the case if you can manage it.

  2. put a non-capacitive cover over the numbers… shield them basically… leaving only fingerprint and RFID as options.


I think I am going to build a small housing and move the antenna outside the case, thanks for the tip!


If you do, make sure you make a project thread here and post pics! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good luck!


link for buy a good doorclose with xSIID or NeXT that works well?

por favor, acepta copiar esta informacion a tu Bodyhacker.es


I read it but i can’t buy from Spain. I saw a los of samples videos, i need link to buy it.
In Excel sheet are old versions that they are difficult to buy now online.

I put in bodyhackers.es too

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Part of the problem is that different places use different formats for door locks. If you don’t care about the format and are willing to drill the door for an entirely new lock (and possibly fill pre existing holes) then you can get whatever you want. Otherwise you will need to know what format you are looking for.

Do you need it to fit inside the door? If so, what size of hole does it fit? Are there holes in the door for handles? Keyholes?

If so the sizes and locations (usually distance from door edge to centre of hole, and if there are multiple holes the vertical distance between their centre lines)

It’s also important to know the thickness of the door as well.

To be honest your best bet might be to find a local locksmith who can order an appropriate lock with NFC.

Alternatively you can use a magnetic lock and an access control system (much more expensive, but ignores any actual locks in the door).

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