Yale conexis fob/mifare classic

Hi all, was wondering if there is anyone in Ireland that could clone my key fob for the yale conexis lock to my xM1 mifare classic?
I haven’t a clue how to do it, I’m in wicklow, but could post them to you.
Many thanks, Mark Banim.

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If you own the Conexis, why don’t you just use the app to enroll your implant, assuming that the lock accepts Mifare 1k cards? Cloning is only usually needed if you don’t own the lock itself.

Just treat the xM1 like adding a new card or fob, follow the same process and you should be good to go…Unless you don’t have the instructions :man_shrugging:

If you have an HF Field detector (probably came with your xM1 order)

  • depending when you ordered you xM1 your xFD may look different, and more like an xLED

This will help you find the optimal orientation to present your xM1 for reading and writing…does that make sense.
If you get stuck, let us know… Good luck

Hi pilgrimsmaster, I originally thought that’s what I needed to do, add the chip like a new fob to the lock. But when I give up the chip to the locks reader, I get no reaction at all. That’s why I thought it needed to be cloned. If I give up a new(blank) fob, it beeps red and refuses fob, until I pair it with the lock. With the chip I get nothing, no reaction. Also I get nothing from the dangerous things card reader that came with chip. However if I give up the chip to the mifare app on my phone, it recognises it. Hope I’m making sense to you? :joy: :joy:

Hi darthdomo, I do own the lock and I can pair with fobs and cards no problem. It also accepts the yale app on my phone via Bluetooth. I thought when I bought the chip, it would be the same pairing process and off I go, but it gives no reaction at all to the chip. You reckon it can be made work with the yale Connexis app?
Thanks for the reply :+1::ireland:


Do you mean this?
I would be quite surprised if the HF LED doesn’t light up.

Can you use TagInfo by NXP and scan one of you enrolled cards ( For security, change the UID )

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Yeah that black card came with my xM1. It’s flashes red against the yale lock&, my huawei phone no problem. It doesn’t react at all to the xM1 chip. Firstly I thought it was faulty then maybe needed to be cloned??

Can you confirm if your card is a 4 byte or 7 byte NUID
Your xM1 has a 4 byte NUID

Correct, because your xM1 is passive, the Diagnostic card will only “read”/ react /light up to active readers.

Can you watch this video, and try the same thing with your Conexis

Then when you have found the sweet spot ( The position and orientation where the LED is at it’s brightest ) and this is where you want to try to replicate the same position with your xM1 and then enrol it into your Conexis

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some useful info in this video.

not a bypass, just an explanation and demonstration of what is going on with regards to copying Yale Conexis cards

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Are you trying to use the xM1 while it is in the needle?