You're not worth microchipping

@anon3825968 what can you do with this…



It depends on what you want the picture to say :slight_smile:

How about my dog

Dogs aren’t stupid, they don’t give in to conspiracy theories. That’s why they’re worth microchipping :slight_smile:


I was hoping for another great head transplant job :wink:

Work your magic @anon3825968

That pointless comment above, was not my original comment, I edited it within the 5 minutes, and had to put something else, because deleting it is still visible for 24hrs

If that’s all it takes to make you happy… :slight_smile:


You should have photoshopped in the magnifying lamp too…

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Thing is, what would a magnifying lamp be doing out in a public park? :slight_smile:

I like to think if @amal was doing a segment like this he’d take one and screw it to his trestle table

Have a crack at it. Ya know, all the images are public, and it doesn’t take a genius to photoshop stuff into a picture.

I’ll download GIMP in the morning unless someone else beats me to it :slightly_smiling_face:


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I don’t get it. Worth to who?
The people who might collect your actions? Big-data anyone?
Or worth to ourselves to protect our digital identity with a system like VivoKey?
If someone doesn’t understand the value of microchiping then that person probably still don’t understand the technology.

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i think this is more in reference to people who believe they’ve been SPECIFICALLY microchipped by the government, like “targeted individuals”.

It’s one of the sections in my “you don’t have a chip” post.

I see the little mouse cursor just floating there to the left. Proves we’re all just in a simulation and @amal is implanting us to control our body odour with his evil 5G-activated apocrine chips.



or else



How about in the future:

Ultra long range UHF RFID tags that contain GPS chip

What would @amal being doing out in a public park. :laughing: