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Hi all
Help for a newbie please. I’ve done pretty well in the first few hours after getting my flex implant and just getting the feel of it. One thing has me stumped at the moment is when whenever I transfer a you tube clip, doesn’t matter what kind of clip, once you try and read it I get an error 404 everytime. Some help and guidance would be appreciated.

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Hey @Guv170r

I just tried it on my flexDF (should be the same on flexNT). Go to YouTube and hit “Share” then “Copy link” (should be formatted like this:

Use the NXP TagWriter app. Go to:
Write tags > New Dataset > Link. Paste the YouTube link where is says “Enter URI data”. Hit the “Save & Write” button and then the “Write” button. When you press the phone to your tag make sure you get a solid coupling with the antenna and don’t move during the duration of the write. After that you should be good.

If it doesn’t automatically read and pull up the video when you encounter the tag there may be a setting to enable. Maybe “Android Beam” needs to be on, but I don’t think so. If you have an iPhone it may not work. Only the newer models will play nice with NFC.

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Thanks for your help. Worked a treat however after writing plays random YouTube videos when i tried.

It may be that your YouTube app or browser has a mind of its own and auto-plays other content whenever it is opened. Make sure the link is formatted like above.

Try navigating to the YouTube video on a web browser with “Desktop site” checked in the settings. Copy the web address from there instead. If you can’t get it to work try reading the tag on another phone.

Thanks very much. Got it sorted. If only all forums were as helpful.
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check out your web browser

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