£1,450 to remove an implant - holy smokes!

Check these guys out:


Medical Implant & Removal

Range of Options

We are able to offer implant removal under medical conditions where required. This is undertaken by a private medical practice.

✓ Professional Medical Removal
✓ Pain Free Procedure
✓ Pre & Post After Care
✓ BioTeq Approved Medical Provider


At that price, they’d better come get me at the airport in a huge limousine and bring me to the most expensive private clinic in Switzerland :slight_smile:


Gonna dope you up on nitrogen and tell you jokes as they do it.

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And they only remove there own, i enquired previously!

That sort of money is a complete joke.


Oh really? That’s amusing.

I wonder how much DT charges to remove theirs with a hammer and a chisel :slight_smile:

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Well there is a forum member willing to stab for free :smirk:

I am wiling to bet @NiamhAstra would cut you for free too :wink: :rofl:


tenor (21)


I like it that more companies are appearing doing this sort of thing. If I wanted to remove an implant I would just get my dad to do it. He’s a physician’s assistant. He sewed my hand up one time on the kitchen table after a knife accident when I was a teen. But if I didn’t have him to do it, I would just get a scalpel and take care of it :smiley:

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What really worries me is that the price to remove a chip is high because they are capitalizing on the nearly daily contacts we get from people suffering with early to late stage schizophrenia who 1) are adamant they have a “mind control chip implant” and 2) they will “pay good money” to have it removed / deactivated. I really hope that’s not what they are doing.


Hmm, I didn’t think about the mental illness crowd. If that was their target market, that’d be awful.

But Devilclarke confirmed they only remove their own chips. Not MIB or alien chips. Also, people with mental illness typically can’t pony up that kind of money.

So probably not, thankfully.

Actually they can, and often do… paying $500 for a basic RF frequency counter that’s sold to them as a “chip finder”… that’s very common. I’ve been offered thousands of dollars to help people find and remove their mind control chips… only people that have been suffering for a very long time tend to be destitute, but it takes only a few symptoms and a quick google search to find the “you’ve been chipped” crowd. It also doesn’t help that one of the first effects to show up is paranoia, which drives you further away from doctors and family and closer to the “you’re being controlled” crowd.


Yes we’ve been aware of that scammy company for some time. Showed amal this the other day.

Luckily they’re pretty much redundant now but they still offer that which is a total exploitation of mental health. Hopefully they will shut down soon.

Pretty much all of KSECs installers offer free removal. On the basis that they actually exist etc


Thats is really good to know!


All I would need are my trusty tweezers…


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